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Mediumship 101:
5 Steps to Build Your Connection to Spirit

by Troy Parkinson
Bridge to the Afterlife, by Troy Parkinson
The exploration of mediumship, spirit communication, and all things paranormal can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Whether the interest began while still a child or several years into life, finding the right resources to start the process of cultivating mediumship can be overwhelming. Self-proclaimed "ordinary guy" and author of Bridge to the Afterlife, Troy Parkinson shares 5 steps to build your connection to spirit.
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August New Releases and Notable Titles
Ghosts of the McBride HouseGhosts of the McBride House
by Cecilia Back

What is it about the McBride House that serves as a beacon to the dead?

Built in the oldest town in Oklahoma by physician George McBride in 1895, this Victorian home is rife with ghosts from the past. Ghostly parties at 2:00 a.m., spirits calling family members and houseguests by name, dolls that talk even after the batteries have been removed...The Back family has been subjected to impossibly bright lights, loud crashing noises, weird shrieks—even ominous odors such as decaying matter.

Each ghost in the McBride House has a personality of its own, including one entity whose antics are downright terrifying. But instead of fleeing, the Back family remained and gradually got to know their "spirited" residents.

This is their story.

The Happy Medium, by Jodi Livon
The Happy Medium
by Jodi Livon

Never Say Goodbye, by Patrick Mathews
Never Say Goodbye
by Patrick Mathews

Spirit of Love, by Jenny Crawford
Spirit of Love
by Jenny Crawford

Strange But True - August 2009

Reader's Top Picks - August 2009
1. How to Meet and Work with Spirit      Guides
     by Ted Andrews

2. Psychic Development for Beginners
     by William W. Hewitt

3. Freeing the Genie Within
     by Debra Lynne Katz

4. The Truth About Evocation of Spirits
     by Donald Michael Kraig

5. Auras
     by Mark Smith

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