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The Sallie House Haunting: Physical Manifestations of Non-Physical Forces
by Debra Pickman

Have you ever seen The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, or other movies of that nature? Now imagine putting yourself in those roles and ask yourself, “How would I survive? Who would I turn to and trust with my deepest concerns and fears? Who, if anyone, would stand beside me through it all?”

Growing up, Debra Pickman was always interested in the paranormal, and hoped to one day have an experience of her own. This turned out to be a case of "be careful for what you wish for." Until she and her family moved into the Sallie House, she had no idea that evil could physically reach out from another realm, draw blood, and jeopardize your belief system and the safety of your family. In this article and in her book, The Sallie House Haunting, she recounts the terror that beheld her family for years.

August New Releases and Notable Titles 
The Sallie House Haunting The Sallie House Haunting
by Debra Pickman

The real story behind one family’s paranormal nightmare

This is the firsthand account of what Tony and Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced in the now notorious Sallie House, from the day they moved in to the turn-of-the-century home until they finally fled in terror. The story of the Sallie House and the fire-starting ghost girl who haunted it has sparked endless rumors and theories of murder, cover-ups, racism, and abuse. But the Pickmans know the real story because they lived it—and barely made it out alive.

Now, for the first time, Tony and Debra reveal untold stories from their ordeal. They describe Sallie’s seemingly protective fascination with their baby, and tell what it was like to live with menacing entities that scratched, bit, and terrorized their family. Along with historical research, the Pickmans share personal photographs and journal entries from their time spent living in the nightmare house that still haunts them today. 

The Angel Code
The Angel Code
by Chantel Lysette

The Return of Intuition
The Return of Intuition
by Kathryn Harwig

Wayward Spirits and Earthbound Souls

Strange But True - August 2010

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Reader's Top Picks - August 2010
1. Cosmic Energy
     by Anne Jirsch

2. How to Meet & Work with Spirit

     by Ted Andrews

3. The Case for Reincarnation
     by J. Allan Danelek

4. Metatron
     by Rose Vanden Eynden

5. The Beginner's Guide for the
     Recently Deceased

     by David Staume

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