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Beyond 2012: The Choice is Ours
by James Endredy
Beyond 2012, by James Endredy
2012 has been cited as being "the end of the world as we know it," at least as predicted by Mayan prophecy. Why the year 2012? What does the "end of the world as we know it" mean? Why are we preoccupied with doomsday theories? James Endredy, author of Beyond 2012, delves into the subject. 

February New Releases and Notable Titles 
2012: Catalyst for Your Spiritual Awakening 2012: Catalyst for Your Spiritual Awakening
by John J. Liptak, Ed.D.

December 21, 2012: Not the end of life as we know it, but the start of a new period of spiritual awakening

2012 will be the dawn of a powerful new era of enlightenment—but you don’t have to wait until then! This engaging and easy-to-use guide reveals how to use the ancient wisdom of the Mayans to develop your inherent spiritual gifts. The unique self-exploration system uses the twenty Day Signs of the Mayan calendar-—symbolized by animals and forces of nature, such as crocodile, wind, and night—to help you identify and activate the greatest treasures of your soul. With quick quizzes and questionnaires, you’ll gain valuable insights into your spirituality type and the energy patterns that motivate and inspire you.

Once you discover your true spiritual calling, you’ll begin to have deeper and more meaningful spiritual experiences. Along with more fulfilling personal relationships and more satisfaction in your spiritual life, work, and leisure activities, you’ll be contributing to the harmony and well-being of the Earth.

Growing Up Psychic
Growing Up Psychic
by Michael Bodine

2012: Extinction or Utopia
2012: Extinction or Utopia
by J. Allan Danelek

Beyond 2012
Beyond 2012
by James Endredy

Strange But True - February 2010

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Reader's Top Picks - February 2010
1. Psychic Empowerment for Everyone
     by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H.
     Slate, Ph.D.

2. Memories of the Afterlife
     by Michael Newton

3. 2012: Extinction or Utopia
     by J. Allan Danelek

4. How to Meet & Work with Spirit

     by Ted Andrews

5. The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide
     by Michelle Belanger

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