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A Growing, Ghostly Intimacy
by Mark Spencer

Since moving into the Allen House, Mark Spencer (author of A Haunted Love Story) and his wife have encountered the spirits of Ladell Allen and her family. But rather than moving on once their secrets were revealed, the spirits of the Allens seem to be growing closer than ever to Mark and his family.

February Notable Paranormal Titles 
A Haunted Love Story, by Mark Spencer A Haunted Love Story
by Mark Spencer

A True Story of Passion, Tragedy—and Ghosts

When Mark Spencer and his family moved into the beautiful old Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas, they were aware of its notorious reputation for being haunted. According to local lore, the troubled spirit of society belle Ladell Allen, who had mysteriously committed suicide in the master bedroom in 1948, still roamed the grand historic mansion. Yet, Mark remained skeptical—until he and his family began encountering faceless phantoms, a doppelganger spirit, and other paranormal phenomena. Ensuing ghost investigations offered convincing evidence that six spirits, including Ladell, inhabited their home. But the most shocking event occurred the day Mark followed a strange urge to explore the attic and found, crammed under a floorboard, secret love letters that touchingly depict Ladell Allen’s forbidden, heart-searing romance—and shed light on her tragic end.

This haunting true story includes several photographs of the Allen House.

The Sallie House Haunting, by Debra Lyn Pickman
The Sallie House Haunting
by Debra Pickman

Ghosts of the McBride House, by Cecilia Back
Ghosts of the McBride House
by Cecilia Back

Spirits Out of Time, by Annie Wilder
Spirits Out of Time
by Annie Wilder

Strange But True - February 2012
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Reader's Top Picks - February 2012
1. Doors to Past Lives & Future Lives
     by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. &
     Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

2. The Llewellyn Complete Book of
    Psychic Empowerment

     by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke &
     Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

3. Ignite Your Psychic Intuition
     by Teresa Brady

4. How to Meet & Work with
     Spirit Guides

     by Ted Andrews

5. How to Uncover Your Past Lives
     by Ted Andrews

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