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10 Creepy, Haunted Objects with a Hidden Past
by Stacey Graham

Demonic Doll

Is that clown doll looking at you funny? It may very well be. Haunted objects are more common than you think—and it might be wise to think twice before picking up objects from antique sales or flea markets. Here, Haunted Stuff author Stacey Graham details ten such haunted—and utterly creepy—objects with hidden pasts.

  January New & Notable Releases
Confrontation with Evil, by Steven A. LaChance Confrontation With Evil
by Steven A. LaChance
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Known as the 1949 St. Louis Exorcism, the story of possessed child Roland Doe was immortalized in the groundbreaking novel and film The Exorcist. Much has been written about the case, but the truth has been shrouded in secrecy...until now.

Join Steven A. LaChance, as he shares the shocking evidence for how a family's grief over the death of an aunt progressed into a full-blown demonic possession. While the conventional story is that Roland Doe brought the demonic infestation upon himself, LaChance convincingly suggests an alternative interpretation, and provides new insights into the nature of possession itself.

The events of 1949 culminated in grueling exorcism rites, but the story doesn't end there as LaChance guides readers through the stunning aftermath that forever changed the Catholic church and the city of St. Louis.

The Uninvited, by Steven A. LaChance
The Uninvited
by Steven A. LaChance

Blessed Are the Wicked, by Steven A. LaChance 
Blessed Are the Wicked
by Steven A. LaChance

Ghosts of Country Music, by Matthew L. Swayne
Ghosts of Country Music
by Matthew L. Swayne
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Strange But True - January 2017
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Reader's Top Picks - January 2017
1. The Awakened Psychic
     by Kala Ambrose

2. America's Most Haunted Hotels
     by Jamie Davis Whitmer

3. A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts
     by Ken Gerhard

4. Nessie
     by Nick Redfern

5. A Strange Little Place
     by Brennan Storr

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