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Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners: Have No Fears
by Alexandra Chauran

Many people gush excitedly that they love fortune tellers, scrying, and divination, but feel that they could never do it themselves. Why is this, when these individuals are obviously open to the psychic arts? Are they afraid of what they might see, or that they might see nothing at all? Alexandra Chauran, author of Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners, allays the fears of those new to scrying with a crystal ball.

July New & Notable Titles 
Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners, by Alexandra Chauran Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners
by Alexandra Chauran

Learn to read a crystal ball

Haven’t you always wanted to gaze into a crystal ball and see what the future holds? You can learn to use a crystal ball for divination, guidance, and meditation—this friendly introductory guide tells you how!

Alexandra Chauran, a second-generation fortuneteller, presents everything you need to know to begin doing crystal ball readings immediately. You’ll learn what a crystal ball is, how it works, and how to choose your first one. Step-by-step instructions describe what to look for when doing a reading and how to interpret the symbols found within the crystal ball.

You can gain heightened intuitive abilities, greater self-knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the universe when you practice the ancient art of crystal ball reading.

Ignite Your Psychic Intuition, by Teresa Brady

Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls, by Ted Andrews

Scrying for Beginners, by Donald Tyson
Scrying for Beginners
by Donald Tyson

Strange But True - July 2011
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Reader's Top Picks - July 2011
1. Solitary Sťance
     by Raymond Buckland

2. Self-Empowerment and Your
    Subconscious Mind

     by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke &
     Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

3. The Vengeful Djinn
     by Philip Imbrogno &
     Rosemary Ellen Guiley

4. Intuition in an Instant
     by Kathryn Klvana

5. You Are Clairvoyant
     by BelindaGrace

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