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10 Creepy, Haunted Objects with a Hidden Past
by Stacey Graham

Creepy Doll

Is that clown doll looking at you funny? It may very well be. Haunted objects are more common than you think—and it might be wise to think twice before picking up objects from antique sales or flea markets. Here, Haunted Stuff author Stacey Graham details ten such haunted—and utterly creepy—objects with hidden pasts.

  July New & Notable Releases
Haunted Stuff, by Stacey Graham Haunted Stuff
by Stacey Graham

Finding a one-of-a-kind antique doll at a garage sale is a great feeling—until you bring that doll home and discover it's haunted. Objects with restless spirits attached to them can quietly invade a home through auctions, antique dealers, estate sales, garage sales, and inheritance. This spooky collection examines a wide variety of haunted items, from screaming skulls to demonic dolls, and how they affect the owner's life.

Haunted Stuff provides true accounts of possessed possessions, often found in the strangest places. Discover chilling stories of the island of haunted dolls, the tumbling coffin, Rudolph Valentino's cursed ring, and even the Queen Mary ocean liner—one of the largest haunted items of all. Experience these true accounts that will make you look closer at the antiques on your shelf . . . and wonder if that creepy doll just blinked.

Clairvoyance for Beginners, by Alexandra Chauran
Clairvoyance for Beginners
by Alexandra Chauran

Ghostly Tales, by Billy Roberts
Ghostly Tales
by Billy Roberts

Fighting Malevolent Spirits, by Samantha E. Harris
Fighting Malevolent Spirits
by Samantha E. Harris

Strange But True - July 2014
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Reader's Top Picks - July 2014
1. Spirit Boards for Beginners
     by Alexandra Chauran

2. Astral Voyages
     by Bruce Goldberg

3. Ghost Tarot
     by Lo Scarabeo

4. Reincarnation
     by Marilou Trask-Curtin

5. Vampire Nation
     by Arlene Russo

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Missing & Presumed Dead, by Gale St. John and Diana Montane
  Missing & Presumed Dead
by Gale St. John &
Diana Montane
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Forgotten Burial, by Jodi Foster
  Forgotten Burial
by Jodi Foster

Never Letting Go, by Mark Anthony
Never Letting Go
by Mark Anthony

True Police Stories of the Strange & Unexplained, by Ingrid P. Dean
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