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5 Reasons Your Home May Be Haunted
by Debi Chestnut

Haunted House

As a paranormal investigator, one of the first questions Debi Chestnut is often asked is, "How did the ghost get here?" The answer isn't as simple as it sounds—it requires asking a lot of questions of the homeowner and conducting hours of research. That said, Chestnut believes there are generally five reasons why a ghost takes up residence in a home. Here the Is Your House Haunted? author discusses five main reasons your house may be haunted.

  June New & Notable Releases
Something Wicked, by Debi Chestnut Something Wicked
by Debi Chestnut
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Face-to-Face Confrontations with Pure Evil

Forget what you know or think you know about the malicious entities that lurk in our world, just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Unless you’re one of the few who have encountered a demon, it’s almost impossible to grasp the depth and scope of their destructiveness.

Join Debi Chestnut as she shares the true stories of her own life-threatening encounters with the darkest entities known to man. Something Wicked is not just a book—it’s a warning. In the world of malevolent beings, knowledge and faith are your only sources of strength. Discover what demonic creatures do, how they behave, how they infest and possess, and how to get help before it’s too late.

Stalking Shadows, by Debi Chestnut
Stalking Shadows
by Debi Chestnut

How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits, by Debi Chestnut 

Is Your House Haunted? by Debi Chestnut
Is Your House Haunted?
by Debi Chestnut

Strange But True - June 2016
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Reader's Top Picks - June 2016
1. Something Wicked
     by Debi Chestnut

2. Haunted by the Abyss
     by Sarah Soderlund

3. In Search of the Paranormal
     by Richard Estep

4. Psychic Vision
     by Melanie Barnum

5. It's a Wonderful Afterlife
     by Kristy Robinett

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