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Living with a Ghost
by Kenneth W. Harmon

In the summer of 2007, Ghost Under Foot author Kenneth Harmon and his family discovered that they had a ghost inhabiting their Fort Collins, Colorado home. Spurred by paranormal experiences at the famously haunted Stanley Hotel, the Harmons begin their investigation. Instead of diminishing, the ghostly experiences increase as the Harmons grow closer to Mary Bell Wilson, the spirit inhabiting their home.

March New & Notable Titles 
Ghost Under Foot, by Kenneth W. Harmon Ghost Under Foot
by Kenneth W. Harmon

Weeks after settling into their new home in Fort Collins, Colorado, retired police officer Kenneth W. Harmon and his family make a chilling discovery: they’re living with a ghost.

This true haunting story begins during a ghost tour at the famous Stanley Hotel, where the Harmons experienced headaches and paranormal phenomena. Once back at home, strange rapping noises, eerie whispers captured on film, and unidentified figures in his photographs compel Ken to research the land’s history. What he learns shocks everyone: in the backyard sits the unmarked grave of Mary Bell Wilson, a young woman who died of typhoid fever in the late 1880s.

As his fixation grows, Ken uses a dowsing rod to communicate with Mary Bell’s spirit and investigate her brief life. The spirit’s surprising answers shed light on the nature of the spirit world and the mysteries of crossing over.

The Clairvoyant Path, by Michelle DesPres
The Clairvoyant Path
by Michelle DesPres

A Haunted Love Story, by Mark Spencer
A Haunted Love Story
by Mark Spencer

Extreme Paranormal Investigations, by Marcus Griffin
Extreme Paranormal Investigations
by Marcus F. Griffin

Strange But True - March 2012
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Reader's Top Picks - March 2012
1. The Llewellyn Complete Book of
    Psychic Empowerment

     by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke &
     Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

2. Practical Guide to Past-Life

     by Richard Webster

3. Doors to Past Lives & Future Lives
     by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. &
     Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

4. The Dictionary of Demons
     by Michelle Belanger

5. Ignite Your Psychic Intuition
     by Teresa Brady

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