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Dispelling the Superstition and Fear of Communicating with Our Loved Ones in Spirit
by Mark Anthony

Spirit Communication

Are you superstitious? There are reasons people are superstitious, many of which may not always seem logical. Mark Anthony, Psychic Lawyer and author of the new Evidence of Eternity, discusses why superstition and fear—especially as they relate to communicating with our loved ones in spirit—must be dispelled.

  March New & Notable Releases
Evidence of Eternity, by Mark Anthony Evidence of Eternity
by Mark Anthony

Discover the enlightening and comforting true stories of Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® as he helps people communicate with their loved ones in spirit. Evidence of Eternity is an uplifting journey that removes the fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact while addressing poignant questions about the afterlife. It provides insights on painful subjects such as crime, homicide, suicide, and survivor guilt.

By bridging the gap between the spiritual and scientific, this groundbreaking book brings spirit communication into the modern era while reaffirming that God and heaven exist, the soul is an immortal living spirit, and that we will be reunited with our deceased loved ones. Evidence of Eternity introduces new and innovative terms and concepts explaining spirit communication based on science, theoretical physics, physiology, theology, and evidence. From karma and reincarnation to embracing the inner light, Evidence of Eternity is a cutting-edge perspective of life after death.

Never Letting Go, by Mark Anthony
Never Letting Go
by Mark Anthony

Messenger Between Worlds, by Kristy Robinett
Messenger Between Worlds
by Kristy Robinett

Setting Spirits Free, by Diana Palm
Setting Spirits Free
by Diana Palm

Strange But True - March 2015
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Reader's Top Picks - March 2015
1. 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability
     by Alexandra Chauran

2. Clairvoyance for Beginners
     by Alexandra Chauran

3. Have You Been Hexed?
     by Alexandra Chauran

4. Psychic Abilities for Beginners
     by Melanie Barnum

5. Scrying for Beginners
     by Ted Andrews

Quick Links - March 2015
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This Month: March 2015

Blessed Are the Wicked, by Steven A. LaChance
  Blessed Are the Wicked
by Steven A. LaChance

The House Where Evil Lurks, by Brandon Callahan
  The House Where Evil Lurks
by Brandon Callahan

Fighting Malevolent Spirits, by Samantha E. Harris
Fighting Malevolent Spirits
by Samantha E. Harris

Forgotten Burial, by Jodi Foster
Forgotten Burial
by Jodi Foster

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