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Things That Scare Us...And How to Get Over Them
by Debi Chestnut


Why is it that certain things and places spook a lot of people? Places such as basements, attics, abandoned buildings; dolls; clowns—the list is endless. Are these feelings based in truth, or past experiences with television and film? Debi Chestnut, author of Stalking Shadows, explains how we can move past our initial feelings of unease and continue forward.

  March New & Notable Releases
Stalking Shadows Stalking Shadows
by Debi Chestnut

If the world of the paranormal were a house, Stalking Shadows would be its wicked basement. And like a basement full of sinister energy, this collection of true stories is powerful enough to snuff out your flashlight, leaving you trembling in the darkness.

Join psychic medium and paranormal investigator Debi Chestnut as she explores twelve terrifying true encounters with ghosts, dark beings, and negative entities. Discover an abandoned house of horrors that becomes more evil with every victim it claims. Follow a tortured spirit trapped in a forsaken mirror. Feel the savage pain of a distraught ghost that screams out in agony. Once you descend into the paranormal basement, you’ll uncover the true lives of the dead—in thrilling ways you never expected.

Confrontation with Evil Steven A. LaChance
Confrontation with Evil
by Steven A. LaChance

Ghosts of Country Music 
Ghosts of Country Music
by Matthew L. Swayne

Psychic Dreaming 
Psychic Dreaming
by Loyd Auerbach
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Strange But True - March 2017
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Reader's Top Picks - March 2017
1. Confrontation with Evil
     by Steven A. LaChance

2. Ghosts of Country Music
     by Matthew L. Swayne

3. Dictionary of Demons
     by Michelle Belanger

4. Nessie
     by Nick Redfern

5. A Strange Little Place
     by Brennan Storr

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