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Why Are Theaters Haunted?
by Alex Matsuo

Haunted Theater

Theaters are considered to be homes of art, performance, music, and any other reason why someone would want to step in front of a crowd of people. Often, also, theaters carry with them tales of hauntings, ghostly apparitions, and other paranormal phenomena. So why are these spaces so frequently haunted? Alex Matsuo, author of the new Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater, explains.

  October New & Notable Releases
Haunted by the Abyss, by Sarah Soderlund Haunted by the Abyss
by Sarah Soderlund

Journey into the terrifying abyss, where malevolent spirits and otherworldly beasts lurk. From childhood experiences with demons and aliens to a Missouri cemetery filled with phantom drums and territorial ghosts, these first-hand accounts of paranormal phenomena will chill your bones and thrill your mind.

Sarah Soderlund, also known as Paranormal Sarah, has been psychically gifted since childhood. Her intuitive abilities, coupled with her education and extensive astral world investigative skills, provide a unique and fascinating perspective into the supernatural. She describes not only what happened in her haunted childhood home, but also why some houses are “alive” and how ghost energy can slam doors, whisper your name, or even manifest as a full-blown or partial apparition. Haunted by the Abyss takes you deep into Sarah’s investigations, where you’ll discover that these stories aren’t just scary . . . they’re real.

The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater, by Alex Matsuo

Chupacabra Road Trip, by Nick Redfern 
Chupacabra Road Trip
by Nick Redfern

In Search of the Paranormal, by Richard Estep
In Search of the Paranormal
by Richard Estep

Strange But True - October 2015
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Reader's Top Picks - October 2015
1. Haunted by the Abyss
     by Sarah Soderlund

2. In Search of the Paranormal
     by Richard Estep

3. Chupacabra Road Trip
     by Nick Redfern

4. Ghosts of Lincoln
     by Adam Selzer

5. Chronicles of the Unexplained
     by Gary Gillespie

Quick Links - October 2015
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This Month: October 2015

Fighting Malevolent Spirits, by Samantha E. Harris
  Fighting Malevolent Spirits
by Samantha E. Harris

Chronicles of the Unexplained, by Gary Gillespie

Vanquishing Ghosts & Demons, by Sandrea Mosses

The House Where Evil Lurks, by Brandon Callahan
The House Where Evil Lurks
by Brandon Callahan

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