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Oh, Those Enchanting Oracles!
by Barbara Moore - Enchanted Oracle - Bewitching

Tarot decks are recognized as seventy-eight cards full of wise advice and a multitude of uses. They are so elegant in design, cloaked in the aura of history, and filled with promises for the future. So why would a tarot user consider an oracle deck?

As a former tarot snob (for years I would never consider using an oracle) who has discovered the joy of oracles, I think I can answer this. An oracle deck is simply a deck created for a specific purpose that does not necessarily have seventy-eight cards and does not necessarily have a tarot deck structure. Most oracles have fewer cards and might have no structure among those cards. They are usually used with smaller spreads or single-card draws. They are unique creations and as such usually have unique personalities. They are easy to learn and can be fun and light-hearted—although that does not diminish their power or usefulness. For many people, oracles are much more approachable precisely because they are more focused and easier to get to know.

For example, if you are looking for inspiration, check out The Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr. If you want to release your inner tart and receive cheeky, fun advice, try The Eros Oracle by Laura Tuan. If you want a guide for your journey on the Wiccan path, definitely spend time with The Well-Worn Path and The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi, Stephanie Taylor, and Mickie Mueller. For spot-on fortunetelling, make friends with one of the Lenormand decks offered by Lo Scarabeo. - Enchanted Oracle - White MagickIf you want to find your inner power and fill your life with magic, you'll want the Enchanted Oracle by Jessica Galbreth. (I can tell you about this deck with confidence because it was my good fortune to write the book that goes with it.) The Enchanted Oracle is a gateway to magical goodness in a box. It comes with thirty-six cards featuring the sumptuous artwork of the talented Ms. Galbreth—some familiar favorites and some newly created for this deck. There is a charmingly designed book full of insight, advice, divinatory meanings, spreads, spells, and journaling hints. And there is also a dainty fairy charm that can be used with some of the spells, as a talisman, and as a pendulum.

And don't think that you have to choose between a tarot deck and an oracle deck. They can work really well when used together. Each tarot card, as we know, can have a myriad of meanings. Because the Enchanted Oracle cards focus on our personal power, actions, and responsibilities, I love to use these cards for a position in a spread that is about "advice" or an "action to take." For example, if you are doing a three-card reading about a situation with your tarot cards and use the positions Past-Present-Future, you can add a card or two. I would add two cards pulled from the Enchanted Oracle and place them above the Present and the Future cards. The tarot cards describe the energies at play in the situation. The cards above them, pulled from the Enchanted Oracle, can tell you precisely how to apply those energies to best effect.

Oracle & Tarot Spread

There are many ways to pair oracle cards and tarot decks. Experiment, matching decks based on complimentary art styles, themes, or overall personality. You may be surprised at the change in your readings. - Tarot Pathways - Llewellyn Journal - September/October 2008

Searching for Answers?
by Barbara Moore
Tarot is a tool useful in many ways for many things, from meditation and spiritual insight to divination and fortunetelling. Yet, every time we consult the Tarot, we are in search of some sort of answer. Tarot expert Barbara Moore explains how the questions we ask in hopes of an answer are just as important as the answer itself.

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Eyelid Scrying: Second Sight
by Marianna Boncek
Scrying is a divination practice by which a person "gazes" into anything reflective for the purpose of obtaining information that can be used to answer a whole host of questions and concerns. Some people who have tried open-eyed methods of scrying have become easily distracted or frustrated because they are unable to focus their attention with their eyes open. Marianna Boncek was one of these individuals. Through the closed-eye approach of scrying, she has learned to receive the same visions and messages as those who practice open-eye techniques. In this article, Marianna details the basics of closed-eye scrying, how to best develop this psychic skill, and provides tips for interpreting the messages received.

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Better Readings through Brainstorming
by Mark McElroy
Whether it is the pressure to deliver "The Answer," a struggle to maintain objectivity, or a decline in interest eventually even the most gifted Tarot reader faces blockages. The key to overcoming these obstacles may be just a Tarot card (or deck) away. Through brainstorming we are able to access our stream of consciousness and break down any barrier. Using the Tarot as a brainstorming tool makes perfect sense—it's evocative, inspirational, affordable, and portable. Author Mark McElroy lays out a number of techniques using the Tarot to increase the potency of the brainstorming process and shares many of his own "secret weapons" for overcoming blockages and unleashing creativity.

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Llewellyn's New Release Sale - Save 25% Off Select New Releases - Four days only! September 10th - 13th, 2008 - Tarot Pathways - In the Cards - September/October 2008 - Tarot Pathways - Llewellyn Journal - September/October 2008 - Tarot Pathways - New Releases - September/October 2008

Enchanted Oracle
Enchanted Oracle
by Jessica Galbreth & Barbara Moore

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras & Barbara Moore

The Dark Grimoire Tarot
The Dark Grimoire Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

Yoga Tarot Deluxe
Yoga Tarot Deluxe
by Lo Scarabeo - Tarot Pathways - Readers' Top Picks - September/October 2008
  1. The Gilded Tarot
    by Ciro Marchetti
    & Barbara Moore

  2. Tarot Shadow Work
    by Christine Jette

  3. The Llewellyn Tarot
    by Anna-Marie Ferguson

  4. Easy Tarot
    by Josephine Ellershaw
    & Ciro Marchetti

  5. Enchanted Oracle
    by Jessica Galbreth
    & Barbara Moore - Tarot Pathways - Llewellyn News - September/October 2008

New Worlds September/October

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Download the PDF file of the latest issue of New Worlds or click here to sign up and have it delivered to your home! - Tarot Pathways - Llewellyn Encyclopedia - February/March 2008

Divination by having a rooster strategically peck grains of food placed on letters of the alphabet.

A system of divination using the sixteen geomantic figures—patterns of four lines of dots with either one or two dots in each line. In divination, four such patterns are produced by a random process, and then combined with others according to traditional methods to produce a geomantic chart.

Wax Reading
One of two forms of divination. The first involves letting a candle burn down while letting it drip over its sides as it will. The wax leavings are then interpreted. This version has both advantages (you can choose a candle of a color appropriate to the issue, anoint the candle, etc.) and one major drawback: you have to wait until the candle burns down, a process that can take hours. The second form heats wax until melted. The diviner then uses a spoon or ladle to pour some of the wax into a bowl of cool water. The wax solidifies and the pieces are removed and interpreted. This has the advantage of speed, but requires more tools (a way of melting the wax, a bowl to hold the water) and can be very messy. In both forms, the diviner must use his or her intuition to interpret the meaning of the blobs of wax. This is usually done by looking for shapes, similar to what is done in tea leaf reading.

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