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How the Tarot Can Help Your
Business Thrive

by Marcia Masino

Stressful economic times call for creative and inventive solutions. As a Tarot reader with a focus on business mentoring, I help clients realize which of their assets, strategy, and talents lead the way to prosperity. The Tarot cards can reveal new ways to help your business thrive because they carry the soul's message (which is not filled with stress and worry) and instead point out the traits upon which to focus.

Now more than ever you need to stand out and have unique offerings for your new and existing customers, as well as understand and develop your strengths. The reading I've designed will guide you for optimal business results.

This simple Tarot spread will show you a business action plan that includes bringing out the very best in your own nature.

Separate your cards into the four Pages of the suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles) and place the Empress card in front of you. The Llewellyn Tarot: The Empress The Empress represents the theme of your spread, because she signifies growth and tangible abundance.

This spread has three cards; this is the number of growth attributed to the Empress. The Empress card is central in the spread and you'll place one Page above her to represent the quality that you'll be utilizing in the present time and immediate future. The second card, another Page, is placed below represents the future steps to take when you feel you've utilized the first Page's message to its fullest capacity.

Place the four Pages face down and mix them. Pick one while face down and place it above the Empress. Then pick a second to place below. Turn them both over. Read the first one for current guidance and which steps to take next; the Page below will guide you later on in your business's future.

If you've chosen the Page of Wands, your focus should be people-oriented. This is the suit that highlights the idea of networking and who you know. Present yourself face to face and allow your brilliance to shine. An acceptance of the spotlight is important, as is the willingness to compete.

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Royal Court in Residence
by Janina Renée
About a fifth of the cards in a standard tarot deck are court cards, and these are commonly used to designate personalities. But being that we have to be many different things to many people over the course of our lives—and even over the course of a day—how can we use the tarot to better understand ourselves? Janina Renée, author of Tarot for a New Generation and Tarot Spells, illustrates how we can use the court cards to gain insight into the many facets of our personalities.

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Seasons of Tarot: Spring
by Barbara Moore
Spring is a time when possibilities abound and seeds, both literal and metaphorical, are planted with high hopes. What cards in the tarot represent the energy of spring better than the Aces? Tarot expert Barbara Moore details three spreads to use the Aces to their full potential.

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Tarot Card Tracker: A Versatile Technique for Tarot Discovery
by Janina Renée
Many long-time users of the Tarot get set in their ways when it comes to the variety of layouts they favor for readings. Janina Renée, author of Tarot: Your Everyday Guide details the "card tracking technique" that can be used for clarification on a card or cards that come up in a reading, amplifying meanings, and fishing for advice.

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The Empress


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Royal Court in Residence

Seasons of Tarot: Spring

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Llewellyn Announces Two Tarot Apps for Apple's iPhone
Applications for two bestselling tarot decks, Mystic Faerie Tarot and Mystic Dreamer Tarot are now available. the press release

Leading Metaphysical Book Publisher Now Offering e-Books Through
Llewellyn Worldwide has announced that they have over 100 books now available for Kindle,'s e-book reader. the press release

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