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Tarot for Astrologers
by Sally Cragin

Tarot Cards 

Astrology and the tarot are perfect partners, complementing each other in many ways. Astrologer Sally Cragin, author of Astrology on the Cusp and The Astrological Elements, explains why having an astrological perspective when working with tarot cards gives a reader a definite interpretive advantage and how these two complex systems can be easily integrated.

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Tarot Beyond the Basics, by Anthony Louis Tarot Beyond the Basics
by Anthony Louis

Take your tarot reading to a higher level. With an emphasis on tarot’s astrological influences and a number of detailed sample readings, Tarot Beyond the Basics shows the way to becoming an advanced practitioner. Here, Anthony Louis shares how-to instructions for working with reversals, number symbolism, intuition, the four elements, and the philosophical roots of tarot.

Explaining astrology for tarot readers clearly and in a way that makes sense, Louis shows how to use the tarot to give powerful readings that change people’s lives. The “real” tarot exists in the mind of each reader and is interlaced with his or her stories and experiences. The abundance of knowledge presented in Tarot Beyond the Basics is sure to make your readings come alive with meaning and significance.

Tarot Plain and Simple, by Anthony Louis

Tarot Plain and Simple
by Anthony Louis

Horary Astrology Plain and Simple, by Anthony Louis

Tarot and Astrology, by Corinne Kenner

Tarot and Astrology
by Corinne Kenner - Tarot Update - In the Cards - April 2014
Save 35% During Llewellyn's Spring Sale! Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $25! Shop Now! - Tarot Update - Reader's Top Picks - April 2014
1. Lllewellyn Tarot
     by Llewellyn

2. The Essential Lenormand
     by Rana George

3. Witches Tarot
     by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans

4. Steampunk Tarot
     by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell

5. Tarot for the Green Witch
     by Ann Moura - Tarot Update - Quick Links - April 2014

This Month: April 2014

Les Vampires, by Lucy Cavendish & Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Les Vampires
by Lucy Cavendish & Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Cat Wisdom Cards, by Blue Angel
Cat Wisdom Cards
by Tanya Graham

Kuan Yin Oracle, by Alana Fairchild
Kuan Yin Oracle
by Alana Fairchild

Oracle of the Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish & Selina French
Oracle of the Mermaids
by Lucy Cavendish & Selina French
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