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Tarot As a Mirror
by Barbara Moore


Some say tarot reflects back what you think, feel, or believe. Some say that it reflects back what you want to see. Whatever you believe, you can blend these ideas into one process that helps you identify your ideals and your practices so that you can be aware of the distance between those two points. Then you can develop an action plan to close the gap between your ideals and how you live your life. Here, tarot expert Barbara Moore provides a process to do just that.

The Faery Forest Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish & Maxine Gadd The Faery Forest Oracle
by Lucy Cavendish & Maxine Gadd

Enter a realm where the ancient ones dwell, whose guidance is needed now more than ever before. Let Lucy Cavendish guide you through the gateways, where the beings of the Faery Forest offer you their natural, wild wisdom. Discover Goddesses, Gods, Faeries, Witches, Wise Ones, and Wyzards; powerful ancients and allies devoted to nurturing the insights that lie deep within your heart, your ancestry, your soul. Featuring the lavish, sensual paintings of acclaimed faery artist Maxine Gadd, The Faery Forest is a feast for anyone seeking genuine guidance and healing.

The Crystal Mandala Oracle, by Alana Fairchild & Jane Marin

Crystal Mandala Oracle
by Alana Fairchild &
Jane Marin

The Gospel of Aradia, by Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton

The Gospel of Aradia
by Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton
Animal Totem Tarot, by Leeza Robertson & Eugene Smith

Animal Totem Tarot
by Leeza Robertson & Eugene Smith - Tarot Update - In the Cards - April 2016 - Tarot Update - Reader's Top Picks - April 2016
1. Easy Tarot
     by Ciro Marchetti & Josephine

2. The Ultimate Guide to the
     Rider-Waite Tarot

     by Johannes Fiebig &
     Evelin Bürger

3. Color Your Tarot Deck
     by Barbara Moore

4. Pendulum Magic for Beginners
     by Richard Webster

5. Shadowscapes Tarot Kit
     by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law &
     Barbara Moore - Tarot Update - Quick Links - April 2016

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