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Astrology | Calendars | Tarot | Paranormal | Body & Soul | Magick | Nature-Based & Pagan | ALL SALE ITEMS - Tarot Update - January 2015

Witch Crystals Casting Stones for Divination and Magic
by Barbara Moore

Witch Crystals Casting Stones

When Lo Scarabeo asked tarot expert Barbara Moore to create a Pagan-based casting kit, she was excited. Here she explains the many uses, magical and divinatory, of the Witch Crystals Kit.

Mucha Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo The Mucha Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

An extraordinary tribute to art nouveau pioneer Alphonse Mucha, this deck embraces the fresh beauty of the dawning of the twentieth century along with the eternal wisdom and understanding of the tarot. This special edition contains full-bleed images and a booklet that reveals every secret hidden in the cards.

Witch Crystals Casting Stones, by Barbara Moore & Lo Scarabeo

Witch Crystals Casting Stones
by Barbara Moore &
Lo Scarabeo

Flower of Life, by Denise Jarvie

The Flower of Life Oracle
by Denise Jarvie

Golden Tarot of Klimt Mini Deck, by Lo Scarabeo

Myths & Mermaids, by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, with Amber Logan & Kachina Mickeletto

Myths & Mermaids
by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Amber Logan, &
Kachina Mickeletto

The Night Sun Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo

The Night Sun Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

Sacred Rebels Oracle, by Alana Fairchild & Autumn Skye Morrison

The Sacred Rebels Oracle
by Alana Fairchild & Autumn Skye Morrison
The Romantic Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo

Romantic Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

Royo Dark Tarot Mini Deck, by Lo Scarabeo

Royo Dark Tarot Mini Deck
by Lo Scarabeo - Tarot Update - In the Cards - January 2015
Save up to 50% during the Llewellyn Winter Sale! - Tarot Update - Reader's Top Picks - January 2015
1. Witches Tarot
by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

2. Wellbeing Crystal Talismans
by Lo Scarabeo

3. Steampunk Tarot
by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell

4. The Ultimate Guide to the
Rider Waite Tarot

by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger

5. The Llewellyn Tarot
by Anna-Marie Ferguson - Tarot Update - Quick Links - January 2015

This Month: January 2015

The Heart Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo
The Heart Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

The Kama Sutra Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo
The KamasutraTarot
by Lo Scarabeo

The Lovers Oracle, by Toni Carmine Salerno
Lovers Oracle
by Toni Carmine Salerno

Whispers of Love Oracle, by Angela Hatfield & Josephine Wall
Whispers of Love Oracle
by Angela Hartfield & Josephine Wall
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