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10 Tips for Giving Dynamite Tea Leaf Readings
by Caroline Dow

Tea leaf reading, or tasseomancy, has been practiced as a form of divination probably ever since the first cup was brewed. But how does one make sense of the images left at the bottom of a cup? To help lift you over the hump—that clutch moment when you fear you’re floundering in a red sea of Rooibos—and onto the path toward giving dynamic readings, Caroline Dow, author of Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners, offers ten easy-to-put-into-practice tips for interpretation.

March New & Notable Books 
Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners, by Caroline DowTea Leaf Reading for Beginners
by Caroline Dow

The fun and delicious way to divine your life

With a cup of freshly brewed tea, you can indulge in an age-old custom that brings you deep relaxation, healthful rejuvenation—and a sense of wonder as you see what the leaves reveal.

In six simple steps, you’ll learn to read tea leaves like a pro. Four sample readings with photos will help you interpret tea-leaf patterns even more easily. You’ll also find hundreds of symbols and their meanings, grouped by theme—from animals and sun signs to travel and trees.  

Prepare herbal infusions for better health
Give tea-leaf readings
• Host a tea party

Master tea-taking etiquette
• Brew the perfect pot

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I Ching for Beginners
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Tarot for Beginners, by Barbara Moore

Tarot for Beginners
by Barbara Moore - Tarot Update - In the Cards - March 2011
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