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A Tarot Diva’s Guide to the Ultimate Girl’s Sleepover
by Sasha Graham

Nothing beats the good fun of a pajama party. Who says you can’t relive the old days? Just because you have a family, full time job, or other very grown-up responsibilities doesn’t mean you couldn’t or shouldn’t relive the good times. Treat yourself to a girlicious evening and empower yourself and your friends with a night you’ll never forget. Sasha Graham, author of Tarot Diva, offers up a myriad of ways to jump start your magical life and connect with your friends with a magical sleepover inspired by the energy of Tarot's Three of Cups.

May New Tarot Books and Decks 
Tarot Diva, by Sasha GrahamTarot Diva
by Sasha Graham

Grow into your divaliciously divine self

You are meant to live with grace, style, wisdom, and boundless joy. With this unique book, you can set free your inner diva and let your fabulousity shine through every day!

Putting a fun and fresh spin on the art of card reading, professional tarot reader Sasha Graham unveils the magic and mystery of a tarot deck. She shows that the tarot is much more than a deck of cards—it’s a fantastic tool for embracing your beauty, unleashing your power, and enriching your life.

For beginners and seasoned professionals alike, Tarot Diva teaches tarot basics and presents creative new ways to explore each card’s particular energies: meditations, exercises, recipes, spells, charms, and even fashion tips. You’ll weave enchantment through every aspect of your life . . . and discover the diva within.
Fire Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo

Fire Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

The Law of Attraction Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo

Wizards Tarot, by Corinne Kenner

Wizards Tarot
by Corinne Kenner
Wheel of the Year Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo

Wheel of the Year Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore

Shadowscapes Tarot (deck only)
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore

New Runes, Pendulums, Journals, and Tarot Bags from Lo Scarabeo - Tarot Update - In the Cards - May 2011
Save 50% on ALL Llewellyn's 2011 Calendars and Almanacs! - Tarot Update - Reader's Top Picks - May 2011
1. Tarot of Pagan Cats
     by Lo Scarabeo

2. Psychic Tarot
     by Nancy Antenucci with
     Melanie Howard

3. The Llewellyn Tarot
     by Anna-Marie Ferguson

4. Quantum Tarot Kit
     by Lo Scarabeo

5. Dowsing for Beginners
     by Richard Webster - Tarot Update - Quick Links - May 2011
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