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Tarot: The Lo Shu Magic Square Spread
by Josephine Ellershaw

A number of similarities exist between Tarot and Eastern philosophy, such as polarity or the force of opposites that we face on the path toward integration. Polarities and their integration towards wholeness is a recurring theme worldwide in various philosophies, as we seek to find our balanced position within the universe. Josephine Ellershaw, author of Easy Tarot Reading, merges these two paths with the Lo Shu Magic Square Tarot spread.

Easy Tarot Reading, by Josephine Ellershaw Easy Tarot Reading
by Josephine Ellershaw

Take Your Tarot Readings to the Next Level

After learning Tarot card meanings and basic spreads, the next step for beginners is fitting all these pieces into a cohesive, insightful reading. Josephine Ellershaw, the author of the international bestseller Easy Tarot, presents an easy, effective, and enjoyable way for anyone to learn to do amazingly accurate, helpful readings.

Ellershaw illuminates the Tarot reading process by inviting you to virtually sit in on her readings with ten individuals. Card by card, spread by spread, she reveals her thought process behind each interpretation and decision, and tells how to make the connections that add clarity and depth to a reading. These compelling and memorable accounts of ten very different readings, along with follow-up documentation of how relevant each reading proved to be, result in a powerful and completely unique approach to learning to do tarot readings.
Easy Tarot Deck, by Josephine Ellershaw & Ciro Marchetti

Easy Tarot
by Josephine Ellershaw & Ciro Marchetti

The Llewellyn Tarot, by Anna-Marie Ferguson

The Llewellyn Tarot
by Anna-Marie Ferguson

Tarot and Astrology, by Corrine Kenner

Tarot and Astrology
by Corrine Kenner - Tarot Update - In the Cards - October 2011
Shop Now and Save! - Tarot Update - Reader's Top Picks - October 2011
1. Shadowscapes Tarot
     by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law &
     Barbara Moore

2. Ludy Lescot Tarot
     by Lo Scarabeo

3. Easy Tarot
     by Josephine Ellershaw &
     Ciro Marchetti

4. Tarot and Astrology
     by Corrine Kenner

5. Voice of the Trees
     by Mickie Mueller - Tarot Update - Quick Links - October 2011
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