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Wellness Update, April 2011

Color, Gem, Oil, and Affirmation Correspondences for Awakening Your Chakras
by Margaret Ann Lembo

According to eastern philosophies, we have chakras within our energy field that are spinning wheels of light. These energy centers are responsible for regulating the functions of many levels of our being—the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. There are seven main chakras, and each chakra has a color associated with it (as well as many gemstones and aromatic scents.) Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening, has provided correspondences and affirmations to balance our chakras—and align our lives.

April New & Notable Titles
Chakra Awakening, by Margaret Ann LemboChakra Awakening
by Margaret Ann Lembo

Create a Brilliant and Balanced Life with Crystals

It is possible to design your own reality and live each day with prosperity, joy, and complete health. With gemstones, crystals, and the power of focused intent, you can transform your life using the amazing energy within—the chakras.

Drawing on ancient spiritual wisdom and the law of attraction, this practical guide shows you how to activate and balance the seven main chakras—energy centers in the body that influence everything from migraines and fertility to creative expression and intuition. Perform simple techniques using gems, crystals, colors, essential oils, and other effective tools to foster healing and create positive change for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Chakra Awakening includes color photos of more than seventy gemstones, plus step-by-step exercises to help you bring true balance to every facet of your life.

Identify areas that may need adjustment • Clear negative energy • Align each of your chakras • Create sacred space with sound and herbs

Chakras for Beginners, by David Pond
Chakras for Beginners
by David Pond

Chakras for Beginners Audiobook

Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith
Wheels of Life
by Anodea Judith, Ph.D. - To Your Health - April 2011
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1. Self-Empowerment and Your
     Subconscious Mind

      by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke &
     Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

2.  The Healing Wisdom of Birds
      by Lesley Morrison

3. How to See and Read the Aura
      by Ted Andrews

4. Magical Aromatherapy
      by Scott Cunningham

5. Blissology
      by Andy Baggott - Quick Links - April 2011
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