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Wellness Update,  July 2014

6 Truths About Enlightenment
by William L. Mikulas, PhD


Throughout recorded history, and all around the planet, people have reported touching and dwelling in an enlightened state of consciousness. This very high state goes under many names, including "enlightenment." But what do we actually know about this state? William L. Mikulas, PhD, author of Taming the Drunken Monkey discusses six things we know about enlightenment.

July New & Notable Releases
We Walk Beside You Always, by Bridget Benson
We Walk Beside You Always
by Bridget Benson

Your family and friends in spirit are only a thought away, ready to provide hope and healing throughout your life. They can hear you talk to them, offer practical advice from the afterlife, and help you move past grief. With warmth and honesty, Irish medium Bridget Benson shares uplifting true stories of the ways in which our passed-on loved ones are still very much involved in our lives.

We Walk Beside You Always presents remarkable, first-hand communication between Bridget and those from the other side. Each story is taken from her own experiences and her lifetime spent helping others connect with spirit. Explore the afterlife accounts of children, beloved companion animals, and those who have taken their own life. Discover Bridget's deep connections with her family members in spirit and her near-death experience. With this book, you'll realize life is eternal and the ones you've lost are not gone...they are always with you.

Clairvoyance for Beginners, by Alexandra Chauran 
Clairvoyane for Beginners
by Alexandra Chauran

Llewellyn's 2015 Herbal Almanac

Taming the Drunken Monkey, by William L. Mikulas, PhD  Taming the Drunken Monkey
by William L. Mikulas, PhD - To Your Health - July 2014
Save up to 50% on Select Titles in our Special Offers Section! Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $25! Shop Now! - Readers' Top Picks - March 2014
1. Taming the Drunken Monkey
      by William L. Mikulas, PhD

2.  The Energy of Love
      by Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy

3. The Yoga of Food
      by Melissa Grabau, PhD

4. Cat Wisdom Book
      by Tanya Graham

5. Healing Music CD
      by Robert J. Boyd - Quick Links - May 2014
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This Month: July 2014

The Evolving Soul, by Dr. Linda Backman
  The Evolving Soul
by Dr. Linda Backman
Pre-Order Today!

Bringing Your Soul to Light, by Dr. Linda Backman
  Bringing Your Soul to Light
by Dr. Linda Backman

Past Life Healing, by Alana Fairchild
Past Life Healing CD
by Alana Fairchild

Living In Your Soul's Light, by Richard Webster
Living in Your Soul's Light
by Richard Webster
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