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Wellness Update,  June 2013

Seven Flower Magic Rituals
by Tess Whitehurst

While it may sound like a contradiction, flower magic is both highly subtle and highly potent. It's subtle in that floral energy patterns lie beneath the concrete, everyday realm of awareness. It's potent in that a flower's vibratory patterns can merge with our personal patterns in ways that infiltrate and shift every aspect of our awareness and life experience, all the way down to molecules, thought waves, and emotional states. Like water dripping on a stone, the subtlety of a flower's vibrational signature—especially when combined with a clear-as-crystal intention—can steadily and relentlessly bring about lasting change. Tess Whitehurst, author of The Magic of Flowers, provides seven rituals for lasting and powerful flower magic.

June New & Notable Releases
The Magic of Flowers, by Tess Whitehurst
The Magic of Flowers
by Tess Whitehurst

The Essential Compendium of Flower Magic

Explore the subtle and whimsical realm of flower magic with 80 magical species, conveniently presented in this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind guide! From African daisy to ylang ylang and many others in between, The Magic of Flowers introduces you to the holistic and therapeutic benefits of essential oils, flower essences, and the blossoms themselves.

As manifestations of divine beauty and wisdom, flowers offer you countless magical and spiritual ways to connect with them. Because they dwell on the border between seen and unseen, closer to the etheric realm of pure energy, flowers allow you to see into the heart of truth. Tune in to their unique vibrations and improve your health, vitality, beauty, success, personal power, and more. Use flowers for aromatherapy, charms and rituals, herbal potions, divine alignment, and to help manifest the life conditions you desire. Spark your own transcendent experiences with these mystical beings, who can serve as therapists, healers, and emissaries of the Divine.

Your Inner Gold, by Nanci Shandera, Ph.D.
Your Inner Gold
by Nanci Shanderá, Ph.D.

The Essential Guide to Natural Skin Care, by  Helene Berton

Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners, by David Vennells - To Your Health - June 2013
Save up to 50% with our special offers! Shop Now! - Readers' Top Picks - June 2013
1. The Essential Guide to Crystals,
     Minerals and Stones

      by Margaret Ann Lembo

2.  Crystal Awareness
      by Catherine Bowman

3. Magical Housekeeping
      by Tess Whitehurst

4. Kundalini and the Chakras
      by Genevieve L. Paulson

5. Flower and Tree Magic
      by Richard Webster - Quick Links - June 2013
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This Month: June 2013

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  Dream Sight
by Dr. Michael Lennox

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Dream Exploration
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