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Wellness Update, June 2016

by Sherrie Dillard


From a young age we are often taught, in ways both subtle and overt, to compromise who we are and to replace our true thoughts and feelings with false masks. We do this because we want to be accepted, and over time, our awareness of our authentic self slowly recedes. Yet, compromising our truth brings no true reward. Not knowing and loving our authentic self creates loneliness and cuts us off from our center of power and inner joy.

Despite the many influences that seek to confine you to complacency and suppress your inner truth, the journey of discovering your authentic self is natural and always unfolding. Sherrie Dillard, author of the new Discover Your Authentic Self, presents the three phases of discovering our true, authentic self.

June New Releases
Discover Your Authentic Self, by Sherrie Dillard
Discover Your Authentic Self
by Sherrie Dillard

Embrace your authentic self and let your soul’s light shine forth with guidance from 150 lessons meant to inspire, motivate, and teach. This empowering book helps you shed what is false and come to know, accept, and express your true self.

With essays to uplift and engage you through personal stories, meditations, exercises, affirmations, and question prompts, Discover Your Authentic Self shows you how to live according to your passions and purpose. Explore a range of topics for self-discovery, including intuition, spirit animals, recognizing personal abilities as related to archetypes, living your purpose, spirit essence and energy (chakras and auras), and more. With this remarkable book, you’ll unlock your truth and set yourself free.

The Yoga Lifestyle, by Doron Hanoch 
The Yoga Lifestyle
by Doron Hanoch

Rumi Meditations CD, by Alana Fairchild 
Rumi Meditations CD
by Alana Fairchild

Whispers of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield & Ekaterina Golovanova 
Whispers of Lord Ganesha
by Angela Hartfield & Ekaterina Golovanova - To Your Health - June 2016
Save up to 50%! - Readers' Top Picks - June 2016
1.  Journey of Souls
      by Michael Newton, PhD

2.  Jasmine-Becket Griffith Coloring

      by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

3. Wheels of Life
      by Anodea Judith, PhD

4. Llewellyn's Complete Book of
     Mindful Living

     Edited by Robert Butera, PhD &
     Erin Byron, MA

5. Discover Your Authentic Self
      by Sherrie Dillard - Quick Links - June 2016
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