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Wellness Update, May 2011

Nine Simple Ways to Awaken Your Inner Wisdom
by Debra Moffitt

We often think of wisdom as being something exclusive to saints, gods, gurus, and teachers, but everybody has a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge. However many of us have forgotten how to tap into it. Debra Moffitt, author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life, offers nine simple ways we can awaken our inner wisdom.

May New & Notable Titles
Awake in the World, by Debra Moffitt
Awake in the World
by Debra Moffitt

Find peace in each and every day

Awake in the World offers 108 quick and simple exercises inspired by wisdom traditions around the globe. Compatible with any faith, these practical techniques can be performed anytime you need them. Learn to sharpen your spiritual awareness, stay calm in a crisis, focus on what is truly important, and recognize the divine all around you. Best of all, you’ll invite soul-nourishing peace and calm into your fast-paced life.

Grow a secret garden • Cook with love • Bless your pets • Enjoy mindful lovemaking • Chant a sacred mantra

Self Empowerment Through Self Hypnosis CD Meditation Companion
Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis Meditation CD Companion
by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. & Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

Biting Back, by Claudia Cunningham
Biting Back
by Claudia Cunningham

Goddess to the Core, by Sierra Bender
Goddess to the Core
by Sierra Bender, with Jeff Migdow, M.D. - To Your Health - May 2011
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3. Blissology
      by Andy Baggott

4. How to Get Everything You Ever

      by Adrian Calabrese, Ph.D.

5. Reiki for Beginners
      by David Vennells - Quick Links - May 2011
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