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Wellness Update, May 2014

Which Element Are You? Discovering the Five Elements to Find, Make, and Keep Lasting Love
by Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy


Whether you're currently in a long-term, committed relationship, or just beginning your soul mate search, romantic partners can be confusing. Perhaps you connect fantastically with your new lover in the bedroom...but not so much anywhere else. Perhaps the opposite is true: your relationship feels perfect in every way except when it enters the bedroom. These issues—and many others—are energetically based. Discover which of the Five Elements you most identify with, and use this knowledge to find, make, and keep lasting love.

May New Releases
The Energy of Love, by Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy
The Energy of Love
by Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy

Turn Attraction into a Long-Lasting, True Relationship

With the power of the Five Elements, discover what you truly want in a relationship, find a lover who matches you energetically, and make your relationship longer-lasting and romantically charged. By learning the Elemental Energy types of you and your partner, you can build a true connection without unrealistic expectations.

The Energy of Love shows you how to use ancient Chinese wisdom and the Five Elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—for positive relationships, love, and happiness. With entertaining and empowering instruction, authors Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy explain how to find your energetic strengths, embrace them for better living, and accept your partner’s flaws as the gifts they really are. Use this modern guide to better understand yourself, your lover, and the energy of the world around you.

HImalayan Salt Lamps, by Lo Scarabeo 
Himalayan Salt Lamps
by Lo Scarabeo
3 Shapes Available!

Finding & Embracing Soulmate Love CD, by Karina Godwin

Healing Angel Cards, by Toni Carmine Salerno
Healing Angel Cards
by Toni Carmine Salerno - To Your Health - May 2014
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1. Body Language Quick & Easy
      by Richard Webster

2.  Reincarnation
      by Marilou Trask-Curtin

3. Face Reading Quick & Easy
      by Richard Webster

4. The Energy of Words
      by Michelle Arbeau

5. The Magic of Flowers
      by Tess Whitehurst - Quick Links - May 2014
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This Month: May 2014

The Yoga of Food, by Melissa Grabau, PhD
  The Yoga of Food
by Melissa Grabau, PhD
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The Pure Heart of Yoga, by Robert Butera, PhD
  The Pure Heart of Yoga
by Robert Butera, PhD

The Yoga Birth Method, by Dorothy Guerra
The Yoga Birth Method
by Dorothy Guerra

Yoga and Body Image, by Melanie Klein & Anna Guest-Jelley
Yoga and Body Image
by Melanie Klein &
Anna Guest-Jelley
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