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Wellness Update,  May 2015

by Dr. Michael Lennox


Dreams can be experiences of crazy landscapes where anything can happen (and probably will). But more often than not, many of us encounter the regularly recurring, repetitive dream that has been present our entire life. What do these dreams mean? Why do we continue to have the same ones? Dr. Michael Lennox, author of Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams, presents—and explains—5 of the most common recurring dream themes.

May New & Notable Releases
Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams, by Dr. Michael Lennox
Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams
by Dr. Michael Lennox

Dreams have an intelligence and purpose of their own, allowing your soul to reveal itself. By listening to the wisdom of your dreams, you can increase the satisfaction and success you experience in your waking life, make positive changes for a better future, and find a profound connection to your Higher Self.

Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams presents more than 1,000 cross-referenced dream symbols and their universal meanings to assist you in analyzing your unconscious mind. Join Dr. Michael Lennox as he explores the basics of interpretation and shows you how to integrate the subtle messages that arise while you sleep. The insights related to the specific symbols in this extensive guide are the keys to creativity, growth, and understanding.

99 Keys to a Creative Life, by Melissa Harris 
99 Keys to a Creative Life
by Melissa Harris

Holistic Energy Magic, by Tess Whitehurst 
Holistic Energy Magic
by Tess Whitehurst

Develop Your Medical Intuition, by Sherrie Dillard 
Develop Your Medical Intuition
by Sherrie Dillard - To Your Health - May 2015
Browse Our Interactive Catalog! - Readers' Top Picks - March 2014
1. Evidence of Eternity
      by Mark Anthony

2.  Three Journeys to Heaven
      by Marilou Trask-Curtin

3. The Secret of Your Immortal Self
      by Guy Finley

4. The Mindfulness Habit
      by Kate Sciandra

5. Dream Interpretation for Beginners
      by Diane Brandon - Quick Links - May 2014
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This Month: May 2015

Clearing Clutter, by Alexandra Chauran
Clearing Clutter
by Alexandra Chauran
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Magical Housekeeping, by Tess Whitehurst
  Magical Housekeeping
by Tess Whitehurst

Mind, Body, Home, by Tisha Morris
Mind, Body, Home
by Tisha Morris

Decorating wtih the Five Elements of Feng Shui, by Tisha Morris
Decorating with the Five Elements of Feng Shui
by Tisha Morris
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