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Wellness Update, November 2010

5 Tips for Remembering Your Dreams
by Ana Lora Garrard 

You'd like to remember your dreams more clearly. You sense they might have something valuable to tell you—something that could help you in your spiritual growth. You wonder why others have such colorful dreams when all you can remember is an occasional image of buying orange juice at the store, or arguing with your mother.

How can you go about improving your dream recall? Ana Lora Garrard, author of Your Dreams: Spiritual Messages in Pajamas, offers five tips to get you started.

November New and Notable Releases 
Your Dreams, by Ana Lora GarrardYour Dreams
by Ana Lora Garrard

Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Dreaming is the way your soul speaks to you every night. Now Your Dreams helps you interpret that guidance in a clear and meaningful way. 

By showing you how to draw forth the innate wisdom of your heart, body, and mind, this refreshingly simple book allows you to fully comprehend the messages in your dreams. It tells how you can use your own wisdom to explore your everyday life experiences or “waking dreams,” and gain insight into your relationships, health, career, finances, and spiritual growth.

Can dreams predict the future, provide healing, or open the door to a higher power? What’s the significance of recurring images, nightmares, and dreams of loved ones who have died? Find the answers to these questions and more in this empowering guide to understanding both your dreams and your waking life.

Dream Exploration, by Robert P. Gongloff
Dream Exploration
by Robert P. Gongloff

Dreams and What They Mean to You
Dreams and What They Mean to You
by Migene González-Wippler

Dreams: Working Interactive
Dreams: Working Interactive
by Stephanie Clement, Ph.D. & Terry Rosen - To Your Health - November 2010
Llewellyn's 2010 Holiday Sale! - Readers' Top Picks - October 2010
1. Biting Back
      by Claudia Cunningham

2.  Miraculous Moments
      by Elissa Al-Chokhachy

3. The Return of Intuition
      by Kathryn Harwig

4. The Complete Book of Auras
      by Richard Webster

5. The Encyclopedia of Angels
      by Richard Webster - Quick Links - November 2010
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