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Wellness Update,  November 2012

Trust the Angels Around You
by Judith Marshall

It is generally accepted that children and animals can sense things that "rational" adults cannot, our innate curiosity and intuition having been reduced as we age by the precepts of the world around us. But what if we could tune back in to that perception, and listen to the guidance these angels and spirits are providing? Judith Marshall, author of My Conversations with Angels, explains why our trust in these angelic guardians is so important and blessed.

November New & Notable Releases
My Conversations with Angels, by Judith Marshall
My Conversations with Angels
by Judith Marshall

Angels are your friends, your helpers,  your loving support for all time.

In every moment, including this one, an angel is with you. No exceptions. Get to know your angels, guardians, and guides—you’ll be amazed by what you experience. This collection of true encounters with loving celestial beings will add a new dimension to your life and help you grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

In addition to sharing genuine experiences from the author and her family, this inspiring guide describes divine helpers in detail—archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, totem animals, and others. Discover the role they play in our lives and how to recognize their presence. There are also simple meditation techniques to help you initiate contact with angels, interpret their messages, and tap into a divine network of unconditional love and wisdom. With this book, you will come to know that you are loved, period.

Angel Magic, by Cassandra Eason
Angel Magic
by Cassandra Eason

The Encyclopedia of Angels, by Richard Webster
The Encyclopedia of Angels
by Richard Webster

True Tales of Angel Encounters, by Carmel Reilly - To Your Health - November 2012
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2.  Becoming Your Best Self
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3. The Book of Psychic Symbols
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4. Cosmic Energy
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5. Living in Your Soul's Light
      by Richard Webster - Quick Links - November 2012
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