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Wellness Update, October 2010

Our Undying Love for Vampires
by Claudia Cunningham 

In popular culture, vampires are as big (or even bigger) as they ever have been. Why? Why are so many of us engaged in this love affair with the Undead? Claudia Cunningham, author of Biting Back: A No-Nonsense (No Garlic) Guide to Facing the Personal Vampires in Your Life, explains that our own relationships with our personal vampires has fueled our love for the vampire culture, and that, like fictional characters, we too can slay our own vampires and reign victorious over our personal demons.

October New and Notable Releases 
Biting Back, by Claudia CunninghamBiting Back
by Claudia Cunningham

Finally, a Self-Help Book You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

According to lore, a vampire cannot enter your home without an invitation. Putting a spiritual spin on this well-known rule, Claudia Cunningham presents a powerful strategy for dealing with freeloading friends, suffocating spouses, harmful habits, and other “vampires” who drain your heart, mind, and spirit.

This engaging and indispensable guide—based on spiritual principles the author used to overcome dependency—teaches you how to cope effectively with toxic relationships and beliefs. Cunningham features excerpts from her “Ask the Slayer” column and personal anecdotes illustrating how she vanquished her own vampires. You’ll learn how to take responsibility for your life, establish strong boundaries, and arm yourself with an arsenal of self-knowledge and confidence. With the incisive wisdom in Biting Back, you’ll be equipped to defeat any Draculas you encounter.

Angel Magic
Angel Magic
by Cassandra Eason

The Complete Book of Auras
The Complete Book of Auras
by Richard Webster

You Are the Answer
You Are the Answer
by Michael J Tamura - To Your Health - October 2010
Save 25%! Shop Now! - Readers' Top Picks - October 2010
1. How to See and Read the Aura
      by Ted Andrews

2.  The Return of Intuition
      by Kathryn Harwig

3. Biting Back
      by Claudia Cunningham

4. Cosmic Energy
      by Anne Jirsch

5. The Encyclopedia of Angels
      by Richard Webster - Quick Links - October 2010
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