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Living Paganism and Witchcraft: Meaning, Purpose, Identity and Integration
by Gede Parma - Living Paganism and Witchcraft: Meaning, Purpose, Identity and Integration - Witchy Update - March 2009

I was 12 years old when I first discovered the world of Paganism and Witchcraft. I had been raised in a household that cherished and honored the mysterious and the spiritual, and though I lived an ocean away from my father, his mystical, animistic Balinese spirituality was ever-present in my life. I was that child who found solace in the tangled roots of trees and spoke to invisible beings in the garden. I knew, if not consciously, who and what I was and still am; this was crystallized for me in my adolescence when I dove head first into the Craft. I embraced its teachings and traditions; after all, they have been mine for as long as I can remember.

The Pagan life cannot be typified by the superficial or the skin-deep. Paganism is not a new age label of convenience, nor is it a fantasy role-playing game. Paganism is being in the raw moment, treasuring and revering the natural flow and tides and continuously celebrating the gift of this divine Earth. Our deity is here and now, timeless and in all places. Many call this immanent divinity the Goddess, and yet it is equally illuminating and valid to identify this powerful presence as the Horned God who dances, dies, and is reborn. The divine evolves and changes just as we do - and so does our spirituality. We too must, as the Goddess, have our anchor: the Earth upon which to stand. Like the Horned One we must allow ourselves the sacrament of movement, to dance and attain ecstasy. This can all be done in the simplest of ways, or we can choose to indulge in ceremony and symbol. It is all true and good as long as we are true and good to ourselves and others.

I never converted to Witchcraft; once a Witch, always a Witch. I didn't have to dramatically alter the way I saw the world to attune to Paganism. My life, however, has been incredibly enhanced by the beauty, rhythm, love, and peace that I invoke by being who I am and revelling in that. The Craft teaches and celebrates freedom and in this I am irrevocably empowered. I circle on my own, with my coven, and with my broader Pagan community, as well as with the stars, the moon, the sun and the blossoms and crops which delight and nourish my body. Every week I give myself an hour or two to conduct my personal devotion and be in the moment with my Gods, guides, and totems. I also teach and share the mysteries and magick of the Craft with others regularly and my coven gathers together every week to learn and celebrate together. I write, I breathe, I sing, I sleep, I dance, I love, I work, and I eat…all this is the magick of my life. My magick is the deepest part of me and like a pure wellspring sent up by the Old Mother herself it flows through every part of my life. I am a whole being; I am rich in the truest sense of the word. My happiness is like the ichor, the blood of the immortals, which flows through the veins of the ancient Gods.

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Short on Cash?

"Take a handful of coins (fifty cents' worth will do) and scatter them about the floor of your house saying, "Money on the floor brings money in the door." However, if you have small children, you will want to tuck the coins away in an unnoticed corner, like the closet, so they aren't disturbed by inquisitive little ones. Sadly, tucking the coins under rugs seems to negate the magic."

Submitted by Bronwen Forbes, author of Make Merry In Step and Song: A Seasonal Treasury of Music, Mummer's Plays & Celebrations in the English Folk Tradition (Wisconsin).

You Are What You Eat

"To a great extent, one's diet influences their spiritual path. Everything we consume is some sort of energy. If a person consumes unnatural, processed food or drink, the prana, chi, or energy of the food is next to none. This does little to strengthen one's connection to the earth, and can make a person exceedingly unhealthy, both physically and mentally. Instead, try choosing natural and organic food and drink as much as possible. This can help strengthen one's connection to the earth and aid in a holistically healthy physical vessel and spirit. You may also wish to consider going vegetarian or vegan for purposes of cleansing the body of the energies of suffering and death. The more pure our bodies and minds, the more clear our spiritual paths become."

Submitted by Raven Digitalis, author of Goth Craft and Shadow Magick Compendium (Missoula, Montana).

Want to Sell Your House?

"This is one we've borrowed from our Catholic friends, and it sure does work! Find a statue of St. Joseph, and bury him upside down as close to your front door as possible. If your neighborhood receives a lot of rain or you water your lawn often, you might want to wrap him up in a plastic bag or two so he doesn't dissolve. ONLY when the final papers are signed by all parties should you dig him up!"

Submitted by Bronwen Forbes, author of Make Merry In Step and Song: A Seasonal Treasury of Music, Mummer's Plays & Celebrations in the English Folk Tradition (Wisconsin).

What is Your "Craft"?

"Art comes in numerous forms. It can take the form of music, photography, painting, poetry, sketching, clothing, sculpting, dancing, makeup, metallurgy, writing, body modification, collage-work, beading, and a hundred-thousand other forms too numerous to mention here and now. So, what is your art? What is your 'Craft,' if I may make the pun? Whatever it is, you posses this talent (or at least interest) for a good reason. Use it to your benefit; use it to weave your magick and purge your emotions! The creative mind is one not to be repressed, for it is from the mind and the emotions that magick is woven."

Submitted by Raven Digitalis, author of Goth Craft and Shadow Magick Compendium (Missoula, Montana).

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A Little Taste of Miracle
by Clea Danaan

As omnivores living busy lives, we often grapple with where to get our food. Fresh versus fast? Local versus cheap? Organic versus free range? Clea Danaan, author of Voices of the Earth and Sacred Land suggests that we return to gardening ourselves, not simply for the production of our food, but because gardening heals us and returns us to the miracle of life, reminding us that we are in a relationship with the Earth, with whom we co-create life.

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Bavarian Root Doctors and Herbal Lore
by Nancy Arrowsmith

The wide world of herbs can often be confusing. Which herb is best for skin conditions? What proportions are to be used in my tincture? Can herbs be used in place of allopathic drugs? Nancy Arrowsmith, author of A Field Guide to the Little People and Essential Herbal Wisdom, recounts her days working in an herb shop in Munich, gaining knowledge that would become part of Essential Herbal Wisdom.

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White Spells on the Go
by Ileana Abrev

Many of us are lacking an abundance of free time in our busy lives, and rarely can we devote the time we are looking for to our spells. What of love, abundance, and protection, then? How can we manifest what we want without devoting a lot of time? Ileana Abrev, author of White Spells, White Spells for Protection, White Spells for Love, and the new White Spells on the Go, details just how to manifest our desires with a spell that is quick, easy, and on the go.

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Elemental Shaman
Elemental Shaman
by Omar W. Rosales

Make Merry In Step and Song
Make Merry In
Step and Song

by Bronwen Forbes

by Gede Parma

Voices of the Earth
Voices of the Earth
by Clea Danaan - Witchy Update - Llewellyn Online - March 2009 - Witchy Update - Readers' Top Picks - March 2009

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