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Correspondences: Weave a Magical Web of Support
by Sandra Kynes

Magical correspondences are generally thought of as simple correlations among the elements, directions, seasons, and colors that are frequently used in ritual. What exactly are correspondences? Why do we use them? And how can we use them more effectively? Sandra Kynes, author of Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, explains.

April New & Notable Releases 
The Horned Altar, by Tess DawsonThe Horned Altar
by Tess Dawson

Raw. Real. Ancient. 
And nearly forgotten.

To practice Canaanite magic is to honor a spiritual ancestry that, until now, was beyond our understanding. Reawakening the beliefs of an ancient religion, The Horned Altar reveals how to transform the Canaanites’ rich culture of myth and ritual into a modern magical practice.

Explore Canaanite secrets that were recorded on cuneiform tablets over three thousand years ago. Discover how to forge relationships with deities and how to revitalize your passions. Learn the truth about a civilization unfairly portrayed as the blood-soaked villains of the Bible. Contemplate the deities of Canaan and the alphabets of the era; make a Babylonian demon protection bowl; and cast spells for healing, love, and protection. Feel the call of the ancient deities and connect to a spiritual ancestry that is older and deeper than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, by Sandra Kynes

Your Altar, by Sandra Kynes
Your Altar
by Sandra Kynes

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Names, by K. M. Sheard

Out of the Cauldron - April 2013
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Reader's Top Picks - April 2013
1. Witchy Crafts
     by Lexa Olick

2. Llewellyn's Complete Book of

     by Sandra Kynes

3. The Celtic Golden Dawn
     by John Michael Greer

4. The Magick of Faeries
    by Cassandra Eason

5. Witches Tarot
     by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans

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This Month: April 2013

Garden Witch's Herbal, by Ellen Dugan
  Garden Witch's Herbal
by Ellen Dugan

Magical Gardens, by Patricia Monaghan
  Magical Gardens
by Patricia Monaghan

Sacred Land. by Clea Danaan
Sacred Land
by Clea Danaan

Garden Witchery, by Ellen Dugan
Garden Witchery
by Ellen Dugan
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