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Witchcraft on a Shoestring: How to Deepen Your Practice without Breaking the Bank
by Deborah Blake
Witchcraft on a Shoestring, by Deborah Blake
We are all feeling the effects of a tough economy and having to make difficult choices about how we spend whatever money we still have. And this concern can affect our Witchy lives as well as our mundane one. Let’s face it—Witchcraft can cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful. Does this mean that we can’t have a satisfying spiritual and magickal practice without spending money we can’t afford? Not at all! All we need to do is adopt a different attitude and a new approach. Deborah Blake, author of Witchcraft on a Shoestring, offers tips on how to deepen your practice...without breaking the bank.

August New Releases and Notable Titles 
Avalon WithinAvalon Within 
by Jhenah Telyndru

Set Forth on a Sacred Quest

Journey to the legendary Isle of Avalon and experience the magic, mysteries, and mysticism that have inspired women throughout the ages.

Jhenah Telyndru—the founder of the Avalonian Tradition—invites you down a unique spiritual path of healing and personal revelation built upon the beloved Avalon mythology. Connect with Ceridwen, Rhiannon, and other Goddesses of Avalon via guided meditations and powerful rituals. Explore Glastonbury’s Sacred Landscape with eight pages of lovely color photographs. And practice the lost magical skills of Sight and Glamour to heal wounds of the soul and unlock the sacred wisdom at the core of your being.

Drawing on Celtic mythology, Arthurian legend, and exploring the path of the priestess as alluded to in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon, this transformative path empowers women everywhere to seek the Goddess within.

2012: Tarot of Ascension
2012: Tarot of Ascension
by Lo Scarabeo

Priestess of the Forest
  Priestess of the Forest
by Ellen Evert Hopman

The Druid Isle
The Druid Isle
by Ellen Evert Hopman

Out of the Cauldron - August 2010
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Reader's Top Picks -  2009
1. Magical Housekeeping
     by Tess Whitehurst

2. The Wild & Weedy Apothecary
    by Doreen Shababy

3. The Real Witches' Kitchen
     by Kate West

4. Scottish Witchcraft & Magick
    by Raymond Buckland

5. The Path of a Christian Witch
    by Adelina St. Clair

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