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The Witch's Crown: Sovereignty, Power, and the Faery Tradition
by Storm Faerywolf


Among the kaleidoscope of practices and philosophies that shape the diverse form of witchcraft known as Faery, a popular saying arises again and again that describes what very well may be the singular heart of the tradition: "A witch bows to no one." It is offered as both advice and meditative device, the sentiment being one of claiming and protecting one's personal power and fully embracing one's own divine authority. Storm Faerywolf, author of Betwixt & Between, provides insight into the Faery tradition as well as the Witch's Crown exercise for embracing your personal power.

February New Releases 
Spirit Conjuring for Witches, by Frater BarrabbasSpirit Conjuring for Witches
by Frater Barrabbas

The greatest Witches of folklore practiced their craft by conjuring spirits and employing a familiar spirit. Now, centuries later, these arts—supposedly the domain of ceremonial magicians only—can be perfected by modern Witches. In this groundbreaking book, Witch and ritual magician Frater Barrabbas shares a system of Witchcraft-based magic developed for safely performing invocations and evocations, handling fallen spirits and Goetic demons, traveling in the spirit world, creating a spirit pact, and constructing your own rituals for spirit conjuring.
To help you get to know the full breadth of the spirit world, Spirit Conjuring for Witches includes a unique list of spirits as well as techniques for working with sigils and recommendations for classical grimoires. Exploring history, folktales, and personal experiences, this book shows how to magically develop relationships with spirits and ultimately master both the spirit and material worlds.

"A clear and distinct body of tools and rituals for working with a broad range of spirits. If you are a witch looking for a more formal approach to this field, this may be the book for you."
—Ivo Dominguez Jr., author of Spirit Speaks and Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans

The Witch's Book of Shadows, by Jason Mankey

Viking Oracle, by Stacey Demarco
Viking Oracle
by Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton

The Hearth Witch's Compendium, by Anna Franklin
The Hearth Witch's Compendium
by Anna Franklin
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Out of the Cauldron - March 2015

Reader's Top Picks - February 2017
1. Buckland's Complete Book of

     by Raymond Buckland

2. The Little Big Book of White Spells
     by Ileana Abrev

3. Wicca
     by Scott Cunningham

4. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of
     Magical Herbs

     by Scott Cunningham

5. Llewellyn's 2017 Witches'

     by Llewellyn

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This Month: February 2017

Dreams of Dragons & Dragon Kin Coloring Book

Sacred Earth Mindfulness & Meditation Coloring Book

Universal Tarot Coloring Book

Hidden Mandala Coloring Book, by Jean-Louis de Biasi
Hidden Mandala Coloring Book
by Jean-Louis de Biasi
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