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The Christian Witch Wheel of the Year
by Adelina St. Clair

The merging of Christianity and Paganism is a relatively new concept, one rarely talked about and one that stirs much controversy. As more and more people speak out about their love of both Christ and of the Goddess, it becomes apparent that the practice of Christian Witchcraft is no myth. It is real and it makes sense most in the celebrations that both Christians and Wiccans share. The feast days of the Christian and Wiccan calendars are closely linked both in date and meaning, which gives the Christian Witch the greatest of gifts: a way to honor her Christian tradition in the light of a Pagan practice. Adelina St. Clair, author of The Path of a Christian Witch, offers a little bit of history on the development of the feasts that Pagans and Christians both share and how these celebrations can become the focal point of a beautiful and loving spiritual practice.

July New Releases and Notable Titles 
The Path of a Christian WitchThe Path of a Christian Witch
by Adelina St. Clair

I cast circles and design spells of burning incense and gemstones bright. I follow the teachings of Jesus, his message of love and compassion. I am a Christian Witch.

A unique mix of memoir and how-to that includes practical daily rituals, this inspiring book shows how one woman blended Christian traditions with the magic and beauty of a Wiccan practice.

Raised in the Catholic faith, yet strongly drawn to Paganism, Adelina St. Clair spent many years questioning and soul-searching before she found a way to blend aspects of Wicca and Christianity into a vibrant and loving belief system. Filled with personal anecdoes, this book tells the story of St. Clair's journey of self-discovery and revelation, from her initial fear and guilt to her ultimate sense of peace and joy.

With warmth and heartfelt reverence, St. Clair discusses vital aspects of Witchcraft and Christianity, as well as the commonalities between the two.

Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook

Everyday Witch A to Z
  Everyday Witch A to Z
by Deborah Blake

Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods
Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods
by Judith Page &
Jan A. Malique 

Out of the Cauldron - July 2010

Reader's Top Picks -  2009
1. Magical Housekeeping
     by Tess Whitehurst

2. The Wild & Weedy Apothecary
    by Doreen Shababy

3. Scottish Witchcraft & Magick
     by Raymond Buckland

4. Animal Omens
    by Victoria Hunt

5. Green Witchcraft
    by Ann Moura

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