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Faeries and Love
by Cassandra Eason

The lore of the faery realm has, like the world of humans, traditionally focused on love—both tales of faery lovers and of fey beings who have fallen in love with mortals and sometimes tried to keep them forever in their faery kingdoms. These stories, whether perceived as pure lore or used as a way of explaining past mortal occurrences, tell the tales of true love, of faery temptresses, of lover's quarrels, and more. Cassandra Eason, author of The Magick of Faeries, explains the possible history behind these tales.

March New Releases 
The Magick of Faeries, by Cassandra EasonThe Magick of Faeries
by Cassandra Eason

Discover How to Work Magick with Faeries and Elemental Spirits

From the world of the wee folk to the history and lore of faeries, you’ll explore all things fey in this easy-to-use, essential guide. The spirits of earth, water, fire, and air—as well as golems and goblins, boggarts and brownies, orcs and ogres—help us tune into the cycles of nature and work with the amazing magick around us.

Through practical spells, rituals, and empowerments, The Magick of Faeries will teach you how to use natural energies and essences for wishes, prosperity, love, protection, personal transformation, and family health and happiness. Learn to identify and connect with over a hundred nature spirits, including the local spirits who share your home and guard sacred places. Explore the Treasury of Faerie Wisdom, a collection of useful information that will help you understand the structure of fey magick and create your own rituals. Cassandra Eason’s comprehensive book is your key to living in harmony with the incredible beings of nature.

Faery Craft, by Emily Carding
  Faery Craft
by Emily Carding

Through the Faerie Glass, by Kenny Klein
Through the Faerie Glass
by Kenny Klein

Field Guide to the Little People, by Nancy Arrowsmith

Out of the Cauldron - March 2013
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Reader's Top Picks - March 2013
1. Cunningham's Magical Sampler
    by Scott Cunningham

2. Witches Tarot
     by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans

3. Witchy Crafts
     by Lexa Olick

4. Magickal Self Defense
    by Kerr Cuhulain

5. The Real Witches' Garden
    by Kate West

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This Month: March 2013

Voice of the Trees, by Mickie Mueller
  Voice of the Trees
by Mickie Mueller

Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess, by Stephanie Woodfield

The Healing Power of Trees, by Sharlyn Hidalgo
The Healing Power of Trees
by Sharlyn Hidalgo

The Path of Druidry, by Penny Billington
The Path of Druidry
by Penny Billington
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