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5 Ways to Heal with the Wheel of the Year
by Tiffany Lazic


Most of us already feel somewhat in tune with the cycles of nature and the seasons: the urge to stay inside and sleep during the winter, the desire to celebrate during the long days of summer. But can we connect even more deeply, more holistically, with these cycles, to heal ourselves? Tiffany Lazic, author of the new The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year, presents 5 easy ways we can start incorporating the Wheel of the Year into a practical modality for self-understanding and healing.

May New Releases 
The Great Work, by Tiffany LazicThe Great Work
by Tiffany Lazic

Fusing ancient Western spirituality, energy work, and psychology, The Great Work is a practical guide to personal transformation season by season. Learn to be truly holistic by incorporating key physical, emotional, and energetic practices into your life at times when the natural tides are in harmony with your process.

The Great Work captures the core essence of each festival with eight key themes that span the annual cycle—a cycle that reflects human development and experience. Discover how Yule can alleviate a painful childhood, how Beltane can facilitate conscious relationships, and how Mabon can assist with determining your life's purpose. Find guidance through daily journal questions, elemental meditations, and the author's unique energy-healing technique of Hynni. With this invaluable resource for your journey of inner alchemy, you'll develop an intimate connection with the earth's impulse to create balance and harmony.

Holistic Energy Magic, by Tess Whitehurst
  Holistic Energy Magic
by Tess Whitehurst

Midsummer, by Deborah Blake
by Deborah Blake

The Natural Psychic, by Ellen Dugan
Natural Psychic
by Ellen Dugan
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Out of the Cauldron - March 2015
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Reader's Top Picks - May 2015
1. Everyday Witchcraft
     by Deborah Blake

2. Beltane
     by Melanie Marquis

3. The Wisdom of Birch, Oak, and Yew
     by Penny Billington

4. The Circle of Eight
     by Jane Meredith

5. The Book of Oberon
     by Daniel Harms, James R. Clark,
     & Joseph H. Peterson

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This Month: May 2015

Magical Gardens, by Patricia Monaghan
  Magical Gardens
by Patricia Monaghan

Garden Witchery, by Ellen Dugan
  Garden Witchery
by Ellen Dugan

Garden Witch's Herbal, by Ellen Dugan
Garden Witch's Herbal
by Ellen Dugan

Living Earth Devotional, by Clea Danaan
Living Earth Devotional
by Clea Danaan
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