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Remaining Magickal in the Midst of Chaos
by Melanie Marquis

Meditation Amidst Chaos

As humans, it's hard to not drown in the chaos that builds from accumulated stresses big and small. It's hard to not feel overwhelmed when faced with a million tasks, responsibilities, and expectations that don't exactly call to our highest potentials or truest desires. But how can a person make magick when feeling so mediocre? Melanie Marquis, co-author of the new Witchy Mama, provides tips to help us remain magickal in the midst of chaos.

May New & Notable Releases 
Witchy Mama, by Melanie Marquis & Emily A. FrancisWitchy Mama
by Melanie Marquis & Emily A. Francis

Written for mothers, by mothers, Witchy Mama offers practical and magickal ideas, inspiration, and information to help you overcome stress and exhaustion, banish bad dreams, soothe boo-boos, create a magickal home, achieve personal goals, and more.

Discover stones, scents, and colors to increase energy and attract good fortune to yourself and your family. Use simple charms and rituals to ease conflicts, remove fears, protect children, and boost happiness. Connect with your body during pregnancy through magick and meditation, which will infuse your growing baby with positive energy. Guided by dozens of photos, you’ll master stretching exercises, breathing techniques, and easy yoga moves that will help you feel healthy, beautiful, and comfortable throughout pregnancy and beyond. Witchy Mama contains a wealth of insight gathered from centuries of mother’s wisdom as well as from the authors’ own personal experiences. This book won’t tell you how to parent, but it will help you be happier and more successful as a parent, while still being your own person, too.

Taking Sacred Back, by Nels & Judy Linde
  Taking Sacred Back
by Nels & Judy Linde

The Linestrider Tarot, by Siolo Thompson
The Linestrider Tarot
by Siolo Thompson

Doreen Valiente Witch, by Philip Heselton
Doreen Valiente Witch
by Philip Heselton
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Out of the Cauldron - March 2015

Reader's Top Picks - May 2016
1. Wicca
     by Scott Cunningham

2. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of
     Magical Herbs

     by Scott Cunningham

3. Animal Speak
     by Ted Andrews

4. Buckland's Complete Book of

     by Raymond Buckland

5. Grimoire for the Green Witch
     by Ann Moura

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This Month: May 2016

The Book of Dog Magic, by Sophia & Denny Sargent
  The Book of Dog Magic
by Sophia &
Denny Sargent
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The Enchanted Cat, by Ellen Dugan
  The Enchanted Cat
by Ellen Dugan

Animal Totem Tarot, by Leeza Roberts & Eugene Smith
Animal Totem Tarot
by Leeza Robertson &
Eugene Smith

Bird Magic, by Sandra Kynes
Bird Magic
by Sandra Kynes
Pre-Order Today!

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