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The Lost Magic of Scott Cunningham
by Donald Michael Kraig

Scott Cunningham wrote numerous books sharing his explorations of magic, Wicca, and Paganism, many of which have long been guideposts for others on their journeys. In additional to the books he authored, Scott also contributed articles to Llewellyn's annual Magical Almanac. These decades-old articles have now been collected and published; here, his friend and old roommate Donald Michael Kraig discusses the beauty of Cunningham's Magical Sampler.

November New & Notable Titles 
Cunningham's Magical Sampler, by Scott CunninghamCunningham's Magical Sampler
by Scott Cunningham

A Collection of Powerful Magic and Natural Wisdom from the One and Only Scott Cunningham!

Find the knowledge and inspiration you desire with this collection of Scott Cunningham's spells, essays, and rituals—collected for the first time from his best contributions to Llewellyn's Magical Almanacs.

Delight in Cunningham's timeless wisdom on popular topics such as the Sabbats, protection magic, moon spells, and herbal remedies. New and longtime fans will marvel at Cunningham's ability to breathe magical life into such unique topics as tattooing, the divine history of sneezing, dressing with power, Greek oracles, birds of the deities, and more.

Well known for perfecting his spells and rituals through experimentation before publishing them, Cunningham wrote with unmatched simplicity and grace. His words in this collection are sure to inspire you on your path to an enchanted life.

Dragons for Beginners, by Shawn MacKenzie
  Dragons for Beginners
by Shawn MacKenzie

Initiate, by Thuri Calafia
by Thuri Calafia

Cunningham's Book of Shadows, by Scott Cunningham

Out of the Cauldron - November 2012
Llewellyn's 2013 Calendars, Almanacs, and Datebooks!

Reader's Top Picks - November 2012
1. Witches Tarot
     by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans

2. Sacred Circle Tarot
    by Anna Franklin

3. Autumn Equinox
     by Ellen Dugan

4. Halloween!
    by Silver RavenWolf

5. Cunningham's Magical Sampler
    by Scott Cunningham

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