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On Wings Everywhere Ascending: The Relevance of Dragons in the Modern World
by Shawn MacKenzie

In the simpler times of long ago, our ancestors struck flint to tinder and, with deer on the spit and wolf cubs at their feet, watched shadow monsters dance across cave walls. They knew Dragons intimately and held them close. How could they not? With primordial majesty, Dragons ruled earth, sea, and sky. They were reminders of the danger beyond the firelight, the world beyond comprehension. They were Awe personified, revered for their wisdom and at-one-ment with the Universe, dreaded for their strength and elemental energy. But what about the importance of Dragons in today's society? Shawn MacKenzie, author of The Dragon-Keeper's Handbook, explains just how truly relevant Dragons are to us.

September New Releases 
The Dragon Keeper's Handbook, by Shawn MacKenzieThe Dragon Keeper's Handbook
by Shawn MacKenzie

Here Be Dragons

…Not the slavering, whimsical monsters from childhood fancies, but real Dragons—fierce, complex, wondrous, and wild. They do not require our belief; they never have.

With hard science and myth, empirical wisdom, and original line drawings, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook is the draconic enchiridion for the modern world, providing everything you need to know about these extraordinary beings. From disparate theories of Dragon evolution and the golden geometry of their form to modern conservation efforts and how to release a well-weaned orphan back into the wild, this book answers all your questions, even those you didn’t know to ask. From awe-inspiring Cosmic Creators to wee pisuhänds guarding hearth and home, discover the habits and habitats of Dragons and pseudo-dragons both familiar and rare.

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook shows us how human and Dragon lives are bound together and why Dragons are now and ever-will-be relevant: In their wildness lie lessons for us all.

Gaian Tarot, by Joanna Powell Colbert
  Gaian Tarot
by Joanna Powell Colbert

Voice of the Trees, by Mickie Mueller
Voice of the Trees
by Mickie Mueller

The Woman Magician, by Brandy Williams
The Woman Magician
by Brandy Williams

Out of the Cauldron - August 2011
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