Event:  Article in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

"The kinesthetic sense helps a woman stay current throughout the pre- and peri-natal time of physical transformation. Due to hormonal and postural changes, recalibrating balance and knowing where she stands can feel like ongoing challenges. As the center of gravity shifts, her kinesthetic body can help her structure realign over its base. Feeling centered helps her be centered. And standing tall helps her feel confident." Read more of Ann Todhunter Brode's article, "A Body-Centered Pregnancy: How to Stay Grounded When All Else is Changing" here.

Date: From 08/15/2019 to 08/31/2023
Location: United States
Website: https://www.somaticpsychotherapytoday.com/a-body-centered-pregnancy-how-to-stay-grounded-when-all-else-is-changing/

About Ann Todhunter Brode

Ann Todhunter Brode (Santa Barbara, CA) has focused on the relationship of body, mind, and spirit as it shapes the physical experience for more than forty years. As a teacher, therapist, healer, and writer, Ann is a ...

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