Event:  Book Review by Working Mommy Journal

"This is a well written, thoughtful and incredible book that touches on a powerful subject area. This will make a great gift for those who want to be more in touch with themselves, the world around them, the Earth and those who have a strong interest in folklore, witchcraft and everything in between. There is something for everyone who wants to get in touch with their spiritual side in this book." Read more of Cvegnad's review here.

Date: From 01/01/2020 to 01/31/2020
Website: http://workingmommyjournal.ca/scottish-witchcraft-a-complete-guide-to-authentic-folklore-spells-and-magickal-tools/

About Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free (United Kingdom) was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland. She is an author, singer, drummer, flautist, and storyteller—all of which she employs in weaving together the ancient craft of ...

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