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Event:  A Hand in the Dark: Psychopomps in an Age of Anxiety

Defined in ancient Greek as the “guides of souls”, psychopomps have traditionally bridged the physical and non-physical worlds. Stemming from a similar root, psychology can be defined as the “study of the soul”, serving to bridge conscious and unconscious awareness. In an age marked by increased anxiety, depression, and mental illness, especially having experienced an unprecedented global “dark night of the soul”, this presentation explores the roles and characteristics of these guides through the dark that can offer a sense of direction and hope. We will explore the different categories of guides, their specific gifts and tools,  and the keys they hold to guide us out of a type of “soul death”, through healing back into a full experience of life. 

Date: From 09/18/2021 to 09/19/2021
Location: Ninefold Festival: Isle of Healing, Isle of the Dead

About Tiffany Lazic

Tiffany Lazic (Toronto, ON) is a spiritual psychotherapist with nearly twenty years of experience in transpersonal psychology. She trained at the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training, where she ...

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