Author Of Queer Qabala

Event:  How a Wiccan nonbinary person found the queer divine in Qabala

Enfys J. Book, a nonbinary, bisexual clergy member in the syncretic Wiccan tradition Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, struggled to find themselves in their magickal practice while coming to terms with their gender and sexual identity. But the queerness of the DIvine unfolded as they studied Qabala, a framework for understanding and experiencing “life, the universe, and everything” (to quote Douglas Adams, wildly out of context). Learn about their journey in this brief workshop, which will end with some thought-provoking questions to consider in your own magickal path.
This is a 20-minute, pre-recorded workshop presented at the Glastronbury Goddess Conference
Date: 07/31/2022
Location: Glastonbury Goddess Conference

About Enfys J. Book

Enfys J. Book is a nonbinary, bisexual clergy member within the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, and the High Priest of the Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag coven near Washington, DC. Enfys has been studying Qabala since ...

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