Author Of Becoming the Witch

Event:  S2 E47 Author Danae Moon Thorp

Molly Dyer speaks with Australian witch, psychic reader, and founder of SpellBox, a popular metaphysical store in Melbourne, Australia, and author of the new book Becoming the Witch; The Art of Magick. They have a great talk about not only her book, but using imagination in witchcraft, the differences between Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere witchcraft and paganism, and she gave a beautiful reading of a lovely ritual from her book. 

Date: From 01/26/2022 to 01/26/2023
Location: Witchcraft Off the Beaten Path
United States

About Danae Moon Thorp

Danae Moon Thorp (Melbourne, Australia) is a Witch, psychic reader, and founder of SpellBox, a popular metaphysical store. She is also the creator of the Spellbox Witch's Calendar, and she has been a guest on many ...

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