Event:  Astrology Bytes Episode 152: Planets on the First with Tara Aal

This week, evolutionary astrologer Tara Aal joins Theresa Reed  to talk about “Planets on the First,” a technique where you choose a planet as a focal point and rotate the chart to place that planet on the Ascendant. You then experience that planet for a while and see how it manifests in your life. This allows for a deeper relationship with the planet and personal growth. Tara shares her experience working with Venus so you can get an idea of how this technique works in real life.

Date: From 02/08/2022 to 02/08/2023
Location: Astrology Bytes
United States
Website: https://www.thetarotlady.com/astrology-bytes-episode-152-planets-on-first-tara-aal/

About Tara Aal

Tara Aal (Los Angeles, CA) is the resident astrologer and lead writer for the metaphysical company Sage Goddess. She speaks at astrology conferences, including UAC and NORWAC, and she also writes for various ...

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