Event:  Episode 74 – Mortellus Talking Necromancy

Welcome to another episode of Weird Web Radio! Joining Lonnie Scott on this episode is Mortellus! They are making a return to the show to talk about their new book The Bones Fall in a Spiral: An Introduction to Necromancy & the Magic of Death. This book give you a solid understanding of Necromancy, multifaceted souls, the soul’s journey, and plenty of ritual application you’ve never quite seen before. They have a great time with lots of insight into Necromancy. 

Date: From 04/13/2022 to 04/13/2023
Location: Weird Web Radio
United States
Website: https://weirdwebradio.com/episode-74-mortellus-talking-necromancy/

About Mortellus

Mortellus is a lineaged Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestex of the Long Island Line. They are presently busy at work on their third book for Llewellyn Worldwide, with the second, The Bones Fall in a Spiral: A Guide to ...