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Event:  Debra DeAngelo - Pagan Curious

Are you PC? No, not Politically Correct; Pagan Curious. Ever wonder about how modern Pagans connect and work with the energy of Nature, Magic, and Spirit? Victor Fuhman's guest this week on Vox Novus, Debra DeAngelo, is a long time Pagan and author. After twenty-six years as managing editor in print journalism, she turned her focus to books, freelance writing, and her connection with the spiritual realm. Debra DeAngelo is also an award-winning columnist, contributing feature stories and book reviews to SageWoman and Witches & Pagans magazines, in addition to facilitating tarot workshops. She joins me this week to share her path and latest book, Pagan Curious: A Beginner’s Guide to Nature, Magic & Spirituality.

Date: From 06/02/2022 to 06/02/2023
Location: Vox Novus with Victor Fuhrman
United States

About Debra DeAngelo

Debra DeAngelo has been a massage practitioner for more than twenty years. She runs her own private practice where she incorporates spiritual techniques into every session. In addition to developing her own method ...

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