Event:  Secrets of Tarot Reading: History & Practice With T. Susan Chang

Living Tarot with T. Susan Chang at Atlas Obscura

Secrets of Tarot Reading: History & Practice With T. Susan Chang at Atlas Obscura
When: 4 sessions, beginning May 10, 2023
Where: Online via Eventbrite/Zoom
Cost: $80/person

What We'll Do
In this four-part lecture series, learn the history and art of tarot—exploring the origins of the cards and approaches to decoding them.

Course Description
Few things are more alluring than a deck of tarot cards. Scatter their painted faces across a table, and they promise to unveil the mythic adventure of your own life. Where do they come from? What do they mean? And do they really hold the answers to your fate? In this course led by tarot author and teacher T. Susan Chang, explore the origins of tarot buried six centuries in the past. Wrestle with a model of reality that makes room for both fate and free will. Take a tour through the 22 major arcana (the "greater secrets") and the 56 minor arcana (the "lesser secrets") and learn how to decode their symbolic language. By the end, you’ll walk away with 78 new companions on the journey of your life, and 78 keys to unlock your own fortune and that of others.

This course is for anyone who's been curious about tarot and the mysteries of divination; no prior experience with tarot is necessary.

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Date: From 05/10/2023 to 05/31/2023
Location: United States
Website: https://www.atlasobscura.com/experiences/tarot-online-course

About T. Susan Chang

T. Susan Chang is the author of Tarot Correspondences and 36 Secrets as well as the co-author of Tarot Deciphered. A tarot reader for nearly thirty years, Chang has taught Atlas Obscura's Secrets of Tarot online class and ...