An Interview with Patrick Mathews

1. Forever With You, your new book, is not your first about mediumship. When did you first recognize your gifts as a medium?

Yes, my first book about mediumship, Never Say Goodbye, went into detail about the first time I was contacted by a spirit (which was a relative who had recently passed) and how this—as well as many other experiences—led me down the path to actually becoming a medium. Seeing dead people when I was a small child was a bit scary, but, looking back on it now I am so glad I had those experiences. Mind you, becoming a medium was not an overnight conclusion that I had come to, but more of a journey of self discovery that awakened the gift of mediumship that I have. With that came a determination and a lifelong dedication to help people understand that the connection with their loved ones still continues.

2. Both Forever With You and your previous book, Never Say Goodbye, deal with connecting with our loved ones in spirit. Why is this important to you as a medium?

It is really the most important message that I try to convey. With the readings I give, books I write, or the live events that my sister Kathy and I hold, I help people to understand that their loved ones who have passed have not only survived death, but continue to be a part of their lives here as well! Though most people believe in an afterlife, many are under the misconception that their loved ones in spirit are separated from them and will continue to be so until the day they are reunited with them in spirit. The truth of the matter is that a person's loved ones in spirit do get to enjoy all that Heaven is, but will also continue to love and watch over their loved ones in this physical world. There is nothing that is more important to a person in Heaven than that of the love they have for those here.

3. Is communicating with our loved ones in spirit something we all have the ability to do? Is it something we should be doing?

Everyone has contact with their loved ones in spirit, but most of the time it goes unnoticed when those connections happen. Those in spirit will help guide their loved ones here through "thoughts" as well as the many other ways they are able to do. For example, I always tell people that there is really no such thing as a "gut instinct" .... why would their gut have an instinct? What is happening is that their loved ones in spirit are giving them a little "push" to help with a decision they are making in their lives. This is why that "instinct" is always right! But of course, we all have free will to take any advice our love ones in spirit may give, whichever way it may come. There are also many physical signs that our loved ones give us everyday using such things as electricity, sounds, smells, and even the feel their presence.

4. This is likely a question you hear most often: what exactly is on the other side?

Yes, that is the million dollar question I am often asked! What I have come to understand with the many readings I have given over the years is that Heaven, the other side, or however you wish to refer to it, is in one aspect quite like what we have in this physical. It is a real solid place, one with trees, birds, beaches and houses. And if you think about it, why not? Why would God have created this physical world much different than where we will end up being? Of course on the other side, everything is pure pollution, crime, illness or disease...etc. Also picture it in High Def if you will, compared to what we see here. Everything has a high energy to it, things are more vivid, more alive. Everyone is in perfect physical health, and from what I am told this state does not even compare to the healthiest person here! But those in spirit can only give us here in the physical a slight glimpse of what the other side is like, as many things are beyond our comprehension due to the limited physics we know here. People have a lot to do, whether it be enjoying all that Heaven is or watching over their family and friends here.

5. Forever With You includes many stories and anecdotes, both heartwarming and humorous. What do you hope readers will take away from your new book?

In Forever With You, I have opened up as never before, giving the reader a real inside look to what my life as a medium is really like. I find that sometimes there are misconceptions about the work that I do, as well as about mediums in general, and I wanted to set the record straight. I also delve more into what my understanding and opinions are about God, the afterlife, and what this whole thing we call life is really all about. My goal with Forever With You is really for people to understand that their loved ones in spirit do continue to be a part of their lives and that their love is always a connection with them. It will make the reader cry, it will make them laugh, but most of all it will make their connections with their loved ones in spirit even stronger.

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As a medium, lecturer, teacher and author, Patrick Mathews has helped countless people around the world with his gift of communicating with those in spirit. Mathews has appeared on numerous national television and radio ...